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How to Swiftly Fix Marriage Problems

  Swiftly End Marriage Problems by Getting to The Root Cause Think back to the last time you had a crazy, all-consuming argument with your lover. For some that might have been last night and for others last year… remember how you woke up the next day and the painful feelings that loom over and all around you, the racing thoughts of desperation, frustration, sadness, perhaps shame as you rehash(ed) or even tried to reevaluate why you and your partner got to that point. It might have been a silly thing the triggered the battle like “where your kids left their shoes” or “the tomato you were planning to add to salad that your partner put away as you were taking it out” that triggered your full-out disagreement. We’ve all been there… we have an argument with our spouse and the next day wake up feeling like a freight train of emotions hit us as we walk around trying to understand how to “fix” the situation or avoid it all together. Yet so often we end up addressing surface level issues versus getting to the root-cause of what triggered the argument in the first place and overtime this is where many marriages and relationships go sideways, not addressing the root-causes that lead men and women to interact with one another in certain ways. So many couples struggle because as...

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Marriage in Crisis? Has your lover fallen out of love with you and you’re desperately struggling to SAVE your relationship?

  The Do’s and Don’ts to Reignite Love in Your Relationship and Help Your Spouse Fall Back in Love with You. STOP, pause and look at how you can alleviate the pressure you’ve been putting on yourself to “make your marriage work.” When one spouse has moved emotionally out of the relationship the other partner is likely to be taking actions that they hope will bring the other back. Most often this FAILS because their strategy doesn’t honor their mates’ feelings which are powerful and very real…   The “DON’TS” in reigniting love in your relationship: Warriors putting on goddess masks: A man might begin to focus on assuming more goddess tendencies. He begins to believe if he does more around the house or helps more with the kids she will fall back in love with him. Warriors, while your goddess might appreciate the help, it won’t help her feel emotionally connected in the way she needs. Goddesses stepping into warrior mode: Goddesses wanting to win their husbands back often become erratic, punishing their warriors because they are emotionally hurting and then switching to loving him to bring him back to her. This simply confuses your warrior and pushes him away even more. Telling your mate how perfect you are for each other: To win back their partners’ love one might tell the other “You know we are good...

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“Is the sex life dying in your marriage or headed that way – want to know why?”

Passionless Marriage?!? Ladies Embrace Your Internal Goddess, Men Step Up as The Warriors You Are – Before it’s TOO Late!    One of the most common problems couples face is the loss of passion! If you want to light the passion in your marriage on fire, are in a sexless marriage or headed that way, this one’s for you… I’m going to paradigm shift how you perceive your intimate relationships for the rest of your life! Is there really a single law of attraction? YES! It’s called sexual polarity and it works just like a magnet… in the way that opposites attract. This primary law of attraction works like this: the more opposed the sexual energies between two people are – goddess versus warrior (feminine vs. masculine) energy – the stronger the attraction will be in the relationship. This is how humans work, warrior and goddess (masculine and feminine) energy, working as the opposite charges. The more different someone is from you, the more attractive they are to you sexually. Sexual attraction occurs in the differences between two people. BUT…   Emotional attraction is caused by connection, rapport, and similarities. It is the overlap in you and your partner that makes you feel bonded and close. Differences = separateness = sexual attraction. Similarities = closeness = emotional attraction. Thriving relationships need both to work! If two people have a...

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Realigning Your Life – The Power of Ancient Medicine & Qigong, #85

Listen to the Podcast Realigning Your Life – The Power of Ancient Medicine & Qigong, #85 Download the podcast on iTunes, you can rate and review it here! Download the podcast on Stitcher  Show Notes By accident, Chris Holder blended QiGong and Chinese medicine and realized that it has a great amount of efficacy for very ill people. Chris started exploring the possibility of using the same protocol for athletes at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo who might just need a “tune up”, and they saw great results. They started to see athletes getting stronger and faster. Bring inflammation down....

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Never Give Up… Not Just an Empty Line. It’s REAL. Hear One Woman’s Amazing Journey, #84

Listen to the Podcast Never Give Up… Not Just an Empty Line. It’s REAL. Hear One Woman’s Amazing Journey, #84 Download the podcast on iTunes, you can rate and review it here! Download the podcast on Stitcher  Show Notes One woman’s amazing story through the struggles of becoming a mother and how the very same struggles shaped her positive outlook on life. Shelley is married to her high school sweetheart. They started dating at the age of 16, at which age she also learned she couldn’t carry her own children, due to a unique genetic condition. It was devastating...

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