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The Best Way to Quickly Elevate Out of Overwhelm for Busy People, #90

  How do we elevate out of overwhelm? Everyone is busy in America. We get really busy during this holiday season and we move into a sense of overwhelm. And towards the end of the year, we want to get our goals for the year accomplished. Today’s show is about meditation. Whether you’re a seasoned at meditating or you’re just starting out, this story will serve you well today. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Make sure to download our series of meditations HERE.   Share...

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How Real Women Get the Curves they WANT with Weightlifting, #89

    SHOW NOTES This week on Finding Success in Life for the Modern Woman Podcast, we are releasing a throwback interview with Menno Henselmans. We are  talking all things weightlifting and nutrition for women. He’s super geeky (in a great way ;-)) and uses only evidence based data to backup his training and nutrition protocols for weightlifting, healthy eating plans, losing weight and burning belly fat.   DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN IN WEIGHTLIFTING AND NUTRITION Much of the discussion revolves around the differences and advantages women have on weightlifting over men, and some of the things we as ladies should know to fully take advantage of these evidence based data to fully reap the benefits, sculpt our bodies and achieve our full healthy living potential. Differences aren’t huge between men and women in lifting weights. The fundamental principles still apply. But there are a a couple key metabolic and physiological ones to take into account: Women have higher estrogen levels- making women a lot more resistant to muscle damage and are able to recover faster after training. Women can generally take stronger and more frequent weight training than men. Women respond better with higher rep sets and can usually do 2 sessions per body part per week. Cadence for optimal performance for women is lower than men. Women don’t really need to count their reps, but focus...

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Get What You Want NOW…with Manifestation, #88

Talking about MANIFESTATION. The Law of the Mind states that everything you experience in life is done in pictures and words. When you feel it in your body it becomes a reality. What we most are missing when trying to manifest is faith. In today’s episode I’m taking you through an exercise to very quickly prove this phenomenon. It is quite amazing and you will want to tune in to try this.   Share...

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Uplevel Your Relationships, #87

    Talking about relationships today. Relationships are a hot button for women. Whether it’s with our partner, kids, girlfriends, coworkers…What can we do about having better relationships?   Here’s a key tip: INVITE CHOICE. instead of expecting something from people, we have to invite choice back. Maybe making the choice of holding our tongue and keeping our side of the street clean. Listen in to hear more about this tip and my recent experience with it. Share...

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