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I am Jennifer Knecht, Host and Founder of FSL

I am an inspirational transformer, soulful online business guru, growth focused executive, servant leader and accountability holder to the tens of thousands of women who follow my work, follow my blueprint, and work with me privately.

I’m not your average business coach.

I don’t follow business norms or industry standards. I could give a flying “duck” about what the experts say.

In the 5 years since I started this business, I have freed myself from my own LOCK, taken down the walls the “shoulders” built around me, followed my desires, trusted my intuition, and taken the daily inspired action that made the most sense to me.

My job is this: To UnLOCK YOU and get you unstuck, to show you how phenomenally powerful you are, to move you along your journey, to create a space where the beliefs and stories that say “you can’t have what you want” are destroyed, to teach you to be unavailable for anything less than YOUR HEARTS DESIRES, to ensure sure you know the power of your own creation and to show you how easy designing a life and business on your terms really is. 

I’m here to help you get to YOUR EPIC!

I don’t “duck” around.

I don’t play nice. I don’t pretend. I am real. I am kind. I am there for you. I hold you accountable.

I know we all have what it takes. I know we can unleash our infinite brilliant power.

I know that today we have only seen a fraction of what we are here to do.

I am unavailable for excuses and women who play small!

If you like the sound of that, then let’s GET EPIC. I’ll have your back.

I’ll show up and you will too. Let’s do the damn thing… 


FSL Modern’s Manifesto

It’s through sexy, smart, super fun ladies like yourself that we will make the world healthier, stronger and more vibrant!

I’ve got a secret…I’m exhausted from the constant voices inside and outside telling me to change, do this, don’t do that, adjust this…ah…

Well the old voices and nonsense ends right here, right now and our new healthstyle journey begins.

Join me in creating a fantastic life…

Become part of this extraordinary group of ladies who are founding members each working to have a better life (defined on your terms); live longer; and be around those you love at the most important times in their lives.

Membership in FSL Modern is not a program or a diet or a protocol, because we know to free ourselves from the struggle of weight loss and to find real, feel-good health there is no quick fix, no 30-day program. It’s a journey…one tiny step in front of the next with a community of like-minded ladies helping you get there along the way. It’s about each of us coming together to learn, grow and support one another.

We will bring real information on healthy eating plans, healing your gut, burning belly fat, functional medicine, paleo diets, diet plans for women and even Alzheimer’s disease prevention. And together, we will participate in online fitness training, online personal training, online healthy eating plans and virtual support from one another.

Join me in taking one tiny step at time forward toward positive lifestyle modifications…

It begins with a true and committed personal decision to take a one-tiny-step-a-time approach to create positive, lasting momentum. Listen in weekly to the podcast and sign up to have tips and tricks delivered to your inbox…and together we will unearth the myths surrounding losing weight, disease prevention, lifting weights, building self confidence and healthy living.

Join me in saying NO, that’s not true to the “experts” telling you what to do and the negative self-talk that floods our minds…

You may have heard the late night infomercials (and probably even believed them…I know I have)–with this product you will make more money, be your own boss and live the life of your dreams. As sisters in FSL it’s time to take life by the horns and create our own fabulous reality!

Come be a voice in the Food, Sex & Life Modern Community. Together, as sisters locked arm in arm, we will change our waistlines, our health, our lives and our world.

There’s no better time than this very moment to commit to transforming yourself, inside and outside. And it’s not just for you or me. As modern women when we make positive and lasting personal modifications we have the power to positively influence:

  • Our family (hubby, kiddo(s), parent(s), grandparent(s), friend(s))…
  • Positively influencing our family will positively influence our communities…
  • And, positively influencing our communities ultimately positively impacts the world!



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