Sarah Wirth has had a strange path because she is a lawyer by training but does not practice. But her life’s passion became studying leaders. She has been studying what makes a great leader. What they do with their teams to make them more effective, the best practices they employ to help their team members excel and succeed in their work. And she is sharing some of that knowledge with us here today.


Getting promoted for being a good individual performer does not translate into being a good leader. Plus, you need to learn new skill sets to be an effective leader.


Dealing with the uncertainty in the world right now with the global Coronavirus pandemic that is affecting all industries worldwide, there are ways in which leaders can tap into empathy.


Specifically for women, to lead teams both at home and in the workforce.


At Ecsell Institute they refer to leadership in terms of coaching, because a coach is not just going to make sure you’re going to get your work down. A coach is there to manage people as a person and not just as an employee to motivate.


Sarah breaks down coaching into 3 key principals :

1- Building good relationships

2- Establishing order, so they know what they’re supposed to be accomplishing.

3- Putting people in complexity so they feel challenged to grown and achieve a higher level.


Sarah and Jennifer go further into unpacking what makes a great leader and how that can come into play in a transitioning timeframe when we might quite possibly never go back to normal business as we once knew it.


Listen in to get some great tips, where leaders can take action, how to tap into empathy and giving their team a sense of control in these days of uncertainty.


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