The light afternoon breeze rolled off an amazingly blue turquoise ocean and I looked up from the notes I was taking in my notebook, the pages curling up from the humid ocean air. Sitting with five other yoga students we were learning about how to identify muscle, ligament and tendon related injuries by watching the motion of people’s bodies in a yoga class. Learning to identify what modifications to share when a student’s anatomy told the story of some long ago or recent hurt.


The beauty of yoga is that it’s not just the physical aspect of the practice, but rather the command of breath, the physicality of movement and the slowing of thoughts and intentionality to choose your next thought that makes it such a rich practice for people. Rewind a couple of years ago and I was the typical type A, fitness and health enthusiast who just couldn’t slow myself down enough to understand nor appreciate the practice of yoga. Back to the present and I’m in the yoga teacher training track to better learn the fundamentals of slowing life down.


It’s the combination of these three the breath, movement and thought that can be used to UnLOCK an amazing life. Breath is the essence of life and one of the most amazing involuntary and voluntary aspects of living. It’s invisible and yet we don’t often worry about it happening. It’s a beautiful example of faith- yet we don’t even know we exercise faith with breath as we just expect to keep breathing. Thorough faith we just KNOW that breath will continue. The beauty is when we CHOOSE to think and direct it we have the option. And when we decide to, we can change, modify and even use it to tell us how we are doing when thoughts alone don’t help. 


Thoughts work in much the same way. They are subconscious and begin involuntarily, the first thought automatic based on the beliefs, values and past emotions that we’ve experienced. Our individual personal super power is found in the recognition and slowing of thoughts, the choice of the second thought. When a human is really present and able to slow choice, to take conscious command of the space, between a stimulus and response and then deliberately  select what thought to hold. Our super powers surface when we intentionally choose, the intentional exercising of thought between stimulus and response just as in the intentional choice of how fast, deep or where we hold and release breath.


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