Is it time for you to launch, the jump into your dream, to finally live a life of happiness?

How many of us, most definitely me, have watched the television shows, read about and maybe even talked to someone who has total freedom of place and time when they work? If you’re like the thousands of women I’ve worked with, coached and who’ve used the UnLOCK You system, sharing your heart’s purpose with the world is not enough- the freedom of time and place is just as important…yet the fear of insecurity and the weight of self imposed responsibilities or the “shoulds” ringing in ears has so many tied to a 9 to 5 job, a house in the suburbs and the feeling of living a rinse and repeat life.

So what is the longing in your heart that you keep pushing away with the thought of “someday,” when this and this and that are just right?

Do you dream of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures? Working from home and being able to attend all of your kid’s or grandkid’s events? Maybe it’s doing something you love everyday and being compensated for it so that you and your family can live an amazing life, after all what’s wrong with getting paid what you’re really worth (and I know it’s more than you currently do)? Or perhaps it’s just feeling happy, good, inspired, on-fire everyday… If not one of these, what is the whisper in your heart?

These may seem like someday dreams, desires that are far away and really out of touch with your reality. But let me ask, why? Why as the fabulous woman you are, are you choosing to wait for someday?

As I sit here and watch the condensation from the warm ocean air settle and crinkle the pages of my journal this question of why, why so many let fear and “shoulds” and thoughts of “what about this and that” cloud the path to happiness and joy and freedom. The question of why it took me so long to take the first step in launching so that I could live a life I love, defined by my heart and that of my loving husband and family?

The seagull that just flew over and the gentle hum of the ocean waves rolling in and out has brought a sense of serenity to my soul, but what about you? Have you UnLOCKed a Life You Love yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The first step in any amazing journey or toward manifesting any desire in your heart is to decide. And that’s much more difficult than it sounds… deciding is not just about the moment, it’s about deciding again and again and again what you most desire.

Ponder this today as you today about your busy life running here and there and racing to get this and that done. Clocking in and out at your office or submitting that long-worked on project to your boss… is today the day you decide to listen to your heart? To decide? To commit to living a life you love? Is today the day to UnLOCK You? If so I invite you to join the journey and get on the list for the UnLOCK You Blueprint, opening this March.

This is about you…and the longer you linger in indecision the more you will continue to gently tug. Listen to you, now is your moment to shine, to launch!

All the Love and Cheers to You,


(Jennifer Knecht)