You may have heard me say this before…

Manifestation is an art and science, it’s a way of being… a way of life.

Put simply, we are manifesting EVERY MOMENT of our lives. We are always an energetic match for something.

I teach manifesting (and more specifically, how to manifest your desires around money, relationships and happiness) so you can learn how to become an energetic match for what you desire… on purpose and with consistency.

In my experience, your manifestation game can be consistent, reliable, inspired, fun, joyful… and what you attract can be done very intentionally and on purpose.

Let’s drop the grind and the frantic struggle and design our lives the way we want them. Okay? Are you ready for that?

Pro Manifestation Tips:

1. The Universe (God, the Angles, the higher power you believe in) isn’t testing or trying to pull the wool over your eyes. The Universe is not trying to pull a quick one on you or trying trick you. The Universe is not a person. The Universe does not have emotions. The Universe is not punitive or angry. The Universe is only responding to you and giving you back more of who you are, what you are a match for, and what you believe you can have. What we are talking about here is just energy.

And of course, I believe in God, divine entities, etc. but none of these are playing unfair with you. God doesn’t play favorites. Life is responding to your energy all of the time.

2. You can’t “duck” it up. There is no good / bad or right / wrong when it comes to manifesting. All there is is deciding what you want, working through the limiting beliefs that say you can’t have it, being in the vibration of your desire, and taking the inspired action you are given. If you don’t like what life is like today, you have the power to change it… but it’s not about blaming yourself or being angry with something, it’s about choosing something else.

What this means is: YOU CAN’T “DUCK” IT UP! Say it with me: I can’t mess this up.

There is absolutely no need to analyze and wonder if you are messing it up, or not doing it right, or responding wrong to the Universe or blaming yourself or someone else about why things are the way they are.

When you attract things that you do not like, this just shows you what you’ve been a match for, and where you have work to do so you can keep clearing your stuff out of the way, keep UnLOCKing yourself. You are not messing it up. Keep working it.

3. It’s ALWAYS working. It drives me a little bit crazy when people throw their hands in the air and declare, “It didn’t work!” after practicing intentional manifesting… for just a couple of days or 20 minutes…

Now, I think it’s perfectly fine to desire a time limit for your manifestation, BUT… The energy that brings in your desire is FAITH. And faith as Webster’s dictionary defines it is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” Faith is believing that it is yours… no matter what… even when it looks like it’s not working. When you asked for your desire by a certain date, and it’s not there, FAITH is believing it’s yours on the next day. Make sense?

In my experience, manifesting is your faith or expectation adding up again and again until it overflows and then POOF the manifestation shows up. So, keep believing. It’s about UnLOCKing yourself and reprogramming all the stories in your mind that say that you can not have what you desire.

When it looks like it’s not working and you find yourself moving into doubt and fear, ask for guidance to see things differently and intend to remove the idea that says things aren’t working for you. Then, choose to shift back into believing. Into having FAITH

**It’s a choice. UnLOCK YOUrself. Think new thoughts. Feel new feelings. Shift into believing.**

When you believe that you will receive your desire, it is done in the spiritual realm. It is only a matter of time until it shows up in your physical world… But we have to keep believing.

4. This is a journey – a lifelong quest. So, here’s the deal: If you can’t e”duck” it up and the Universe is on your side and ready to work with you and the basic law and principles of manifesting are ALWAYS working, then you have all the time in the world to practice and perfect this process.

You have your entire existence to work on UnLOCKing YOUrself and perfecting the art of manifesting. Don’t get discouraged when it’s “not working” after only a few days. You have more time. Just keep going!!

It’s impossible to be “bad” at manifesting. You are already co-creating your life, manifesting all of the time, now we are simply focusing on a tiny shift to do so intentionally.

5. Bottom line – GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE. Listen, YOU ARE HUMAN and by our nature we are flawed. We don’t get things perfect all of the time. Especially when they are new to us. So, give yourself some grace. You are doing a great job. You are on your way. You are showing up for life. Keep taking one small step forward. Keep trying and keep learning. Trust your personal, lovely and unique path and process. You are doing it. You are here. You’ve gotten yourself this far in life. Bravo love bug!

Here’s to you, UnLOCKing a life YOU love!!