What to do if you're in or headed toward a sexless relationship.Passionless Marriage?!? Ladies Embrace Your Internal Goddess, Men Step Up as The Warriors You Are – Before it’s TOO Late! 


One of the most common problems couples face is the loss of passion! If you want to light the passion in your marriage on fire, are in a sexless marriage or headed that way, this one’s for you…

I’m going to paradigm shift how you perceive your intimate relationships for the rest of your life! Is there really a single law of attraction?

YES! It’s called sexual polarity and it works just like a magnet… in the way that opposites attract.

This primary law of attraction works like this: the more opposed the sexual energies between two people are – goddess versus warrior (feminine vs. masculine) energy – the stronger the attraction will be in the relationship.

This is how humans work, warrior and goddess (masculine and feminine) energy, working as the opposite charges.

The more different someone is from you, the more attractive they are to you sexually. Sexual attraction occurs in the differences between two people.



Emotional attraction is caused by connection, rapport, and similarities. It is the overlap in you and your partner that makes you feel bonded and close.

Differences = separateness = sexual attraction.

Similarities = closeness = emotional attraction.

Thriving relationships need both to work!

If two people have a similar polarity, that is, both are more warrior in nature, then the attraction between them will be diminished. But if there is a strong difference, where one is a strong goddess and the other a strong warrior, physical attraction ignites.

When I see couples in a passionless or sexless marriages I know MarriageOS(TM) must help them QUICKLY REIGNITE PASSION and create a dynamic that reconnects them to each and the relationship. It’s vital for all husbands and wives to understand two things:

1.) What threatens their passion

2.) What tools will rekindle toe-curling nights and keep their relationship burning hot into the future


Let’s begin with the end and a common result of passionless marriage.

When the wife steps out of her goddess energy and into position as the warrior in their relationship, in effect becoming “the man” in her relationship, she subconsciously begins to question whether she really needs her husband. If she can protect herself and nurture her family and relationships at the same time, she begins to think there’s really no point in having a mate…

Conversely when a husband begins to sense that “no matter what he does his wife’s never happy with him,” and starts to slip into goddess energy he begins to naturally retract, becoming less attractive to his wife and entering the “friend zone” he aptly avoided when they were courting. Soon he’s walking on eggshells around her and with no foreseeable solution, gives up, often finding reasons why not to be home… And so the arguing begins.

This reversing of natural warrior and goddess energies (masculine and feminine) leaves both husband and wife confused and feeling emotionally unsafe in the relationship. We are wired to be goddesses or warriors and as such have opposite energies. These opposite energies attract us to one another at the start of a relationship and throughout our relationship. When we are not intentional in understanding, embracing and preserving warrior and goddess energy, they begin to reverse and create a repelling versus magnetizing effect. The fear that we are not enough and the fear that we will not be loved are intensely powerful. And they can impact us in a way that we will consistently use an energy that is not our core essence. In short, they cause us to wear a “mask.”


Loss of passion surfaces when  partners put on the mask of their opposite energy confusing their natural, subconscious states and ultimately repelling each other.

A dying sex life creeps in slowly, it’s not as shocking a pain like an affair, but over time has a horrible compounding effect leading couples down a destructive path.

This building of resentments created by the reversal of energies is a typical root cause that sucks the passion out of marriages. The challenge with resentments is they can lead both people, each with a need to protect themselves, away from each other.

The journey on this path is subtle at the onset, but quickly snowballs into a couple struggling to connect with each other emotionally. And so the snowball becomes an avalanche growing in negative momentum until the spouses push away from each other. Soon a once happy couple begins to argue all the time or completely retreats from conversation and connection.


How can you tell if this is starting to happen in your relationship?

As a goddess puts her warrior mask on, husbands often begin to feel she’s picking at him, or controlling him when she may really simply be testing him. Soon the two begin to have confusing circular arguments and constant power struggles ensue as confused energies bubble to the surface.

In essence, because the goddess does not see the warrior, masculine strength she needs in her husband she begins to see weakness. As she steps into warrior mode to fill the needs she has the two begin to struggle. It’s important to understand that for a woman, the warrior essence, is not connected to career, owning a business or money, it’s only connected to the warrior’s ability to connect emotionally with her.

I’ve witnessed many women go silent, not sharing their true feelings with the man in their life because they either don’t want to rock the boat, or think their warrior won’t understand, or worse… doesn’t care. She silently steps into having to be the warrior, trying to protect everyone and herself. This position usually ends badly with the mask of warrior energy and the light of her goddess energy creating inner turmoil for her.


So often we see years of silent suffering and struggle as partners mask their core energies until one day one cannot take it any longer and an affair erupts or the relationship ends in despair.

To have a fulfilling sexual relationship that is sustainable, you must find a way to embrace your core energy and that of your partner. If you do not, then you run the risk of depolarization, the loss of attraction and plummeting magnetism.

Depolarization seeps in when partners no longer have the play of warrior and goddess (masculine and feminine) energies between them.

For example, if a woman questions a warrior’s direction (whether because he is lost while driving or is flailing with his direction in life), it will create an instant collapse of the polarity. Similarly, if a goddess is criticized for looking run down or worn out, this makes her feel less radiant and unloved, and she will start to shut down. As David Deida says, “Never tell a man with a masculine sexual essence that he is wrong, and never tell a woman with a feminine sexual essence that she is ugly.”

The woman feels too insecure to relax into her goddess, and the man is bent out of shape and loses his warrior backbone. Many couples spend years this way and get used to the loss of passion. However, attraction can shift in a matter of seconds — a woman could go from tight and controlling to free and radiant once her husband makes her feel appreciated, needed and loved.


Sexual attraction can only live where each of the partners is free to be their true essence with each other – The challenge: very few couples know how to do this naturally.

To not only keep the passion in your relationship alive, but to increase the intimacy and attraction it is vital that each person in the relationship cultivate their own natural energy, warrior (masculine) or goddess (feminine). With the right understanding, a couple can begin embracing and bringing out the best of their core warrior or goddess energies in each other.

There is nothing more attractive for a woman than when she is free to be the goddess, all of who she is and she feels completely loved by her warrior.

And… For a man, there is nothing more exhilarating than feeling he can be the warrior he has always wanted to be with her.

Every day we help couples discover what it takes to create that passionate dynamic. If you’re ready to step-up  and keeping the foundations for sexual passion….