Realigning Your Life – The Power of Ancient Medicine & Qigong, #85

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Show Notes

By accident, Chris Holder blended QiGong and Chinese medicine and realized that it has a great amount of efficacy for very ill people. Chris started exploring the possibility of using the same protocol for athletes at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo who might just need a “tune up”, and they saw great results. They started to see athletes getting stronger and faster. Bring inflammation down. Clearing their mind. Sleeping better. Having a peace of mind, and being prepared to perform.

Qigong is still fairly taboo, so other universities are not picking up on it yet, and seeking Chris to expand his program into other universities.


What is Qigong?

Traditional Chinese medicine revolves around 4 main pillars:

  1. Qigong
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Herbs
  4. Massage


Qigong is the mother of acupuncture. Everything that goes on in acupuncture (meridians, vibrating energy, movement, chi movement, breath, etc.), happens in Qigong but without the needles. It helps you move through the energy through a series of physical exercises and breathing control.

You learn to control your energy. It does a woo-woo feel to it, and most of the information you find on it online has cosmic type costumes and backgrounds. Chris’ goal is to normalize it as much as possible, it doesn’t have to have that “weird” look and make it look as comfortable as possible.

When you take your first breath as a newborn, and you take in the energy of the room with that. So your line beings to move around. When it moves too far to the side, that’s when you see illnesses. Qigong helps realign that line down the middle of the body, and this is where people will feel their best.





Who are you treating with Qigong?

Chris does no advertising or marketing. He became a Taoist priest and sent it out to the divine that he is here to help those that need and want to be helped. He sees a lot of people who are getting their funeral arrangements together. People who are dying of cancer and other types of diseases.

For a period of time, all he would see is women who had been abused. It’s the Universe responding.

He sees people who usually cannot get a solution through Western processes.

Chris shares amazing stories of how Qigong has changed and saved many lives.


A very interesting episode!


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About Chris Holder:

Chris Holder is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Cal Poly Athletics in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. Along with being a coach, Chris is also a doctor of Medical Qigong. Throughout his career, Chris has blended the western strength training philosophies with eastern medical and spiritual practices to provide the most complete system possible to develop the student-athlete. With over 550 male and female competitive athletes under his supervision, Chris has conducted two ground breaking research studies involving the influence of regular exposures to Qigong and performance. Both are currently in the publication process.

Along with being a full-time strength coach, Chris has a small practice in the town where he see’s a wide variety of patients. Many of his patients are in the final stages of an illness and are reaching to something out of the western mainstream for healing. Along with in-person sessions, Chris specializes in remote work, having a client list located in an array of places, all over the world.

Links and Resources

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