Never Give Up… Not Just an Empty Line. It’s REAL. Hear One Woman’s Amazing Journey, #84

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Show Notes

One woman’s amazing story through the struggles of becoming a mother and how the very same struggles shaped her positive outlook on life. Shelley is married to her high school sweetheart. They started dating at the age of 16, at which age she also learned she couldn’t carry her own children, due to a unique genetic condition.

It was devastating but also was not the worst news at that age when other girls her age were having abortions. Somewhere in her 20s, it really hit her, because she decided she really wanted to be a mother.

Finally, in their 30s, they had a surrogate lined up. So she had the oven ready and just needed the bun to put in it. She never imagined that the real struggle would be getting the bun vs. the oven.

This is where her IVF story begins and where she related to so many women who’s IVF process was not successful.

She shares her loss with their first try with the surrogate and all the other circumstances around that time period, from losing her dogs to a home purchase falling through.

All the chaos kept her and her husband together and getting through all the losses.

Today, her and her husband share an amazingly strong bond.

Shelley, unabashedly, shares the struggles in her relationship having gotten married at the age of 21, their struggles, their losses, their growing up and the lessons they learned along the way that kept them together for two decades.

The one thing that Shelley has learned through this all:

Gratitude- the gratitude journey is the way to reduce the static in life. It’s a unique space that has enabled her to live in today, with a gratitude for today. Your future will thank you for your gratitude today.

Today is Enough Quote

Meditation is a huge key to practicing gratitude because of what it does to your awareness. Shelley considers meditation the most critical habit she has developed.

Before your feet hit the ground, tell yourself that something wonderful is going to happen today. Spend the whole day looking for that awesome. Challenge your partner, husband or friend to do the same.

The 4 Habits Shelley Has Developed to Ensure Her Health Habit:

  1. Walk everyday
  2. Loads of daily gratitude
  3. Drink enough water
  4. Take deep breaths


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About Shelley Knick:

Shelley KnickShelley Knick, RN, BSN, CPHRM is an RN of 18 years, just turned 40, about to celebrate her 19 year anniversary to her high school sweetheart. In career, she works as a Risk Manager for a healthcare system. She also has a rich background in critical care nursing operations, health and wellness promotion, and expertise in case investigation of high liability adverse events in healthcare. She has straddled both employment to a corporate healthcare system and entrepreneurship as a consultant and wellness ambassador for the past nine years. In her healthcare experience, she has had the good fortune to pilot multiple new roles within the hospital and remodel one very significant role in service to the patients, nurses, and leadership. She finds great purpose in serving the hospital nurses who thrive on being heroes within the hospital community.  In life, she is a diverse athlete and nutrition hobbiest who is obsessed with the microbiome and all types of hacks that help us avoid being a customer of the reactive healthcare system. After years of research and study, she has most recently become an wellness Ambassador for a supplement company, Plexus, which offers a streamlined, easy to follow, supplement system for nurturing the gut microbiome that produces incredible results.  She is an Ohio native, a former Maui resident, and currently a Washington state resident where she and her husband incorporate a whole living lifestyle to balance the modern stress and pressures of career and entrepreneurship life. Best of all, she is married to her best friend for the past 19 years who was her high school boyfriend when she first found out she couldn’t carry a baby due to MRKH. Over the years, they have faced the ups and downs of pursing parenthood facing a number of heart wrenching attempts to have their own baby and the twists and turns of that journey. They still remain hopeful for their future. Meanwhile, they enjoy a faith based lifestyle, travel, two stinky dogs, 14 chickens, relationships all over the world, good wine, and their loving family while they re-invent themselves with every obstacle out of a spirit of sheer grit.

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