How does your relationship garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

It’s been a long day, you rush home from work to grab the kids and shuttle them off to dance and soccer practice. When you walk in the door and shout “let’s go” you discover that one can’t find their dance shoes and the other one is missing his helmet…ahhhh and you are going to be late if you don’t get on the road to beat the afternoon traffic. By the time you get home you’re exhausted from all the running around and the events of the day at work and all you can think about is a nice long shower before jumping into your “comphies.”


Sound familiar?

As the amazing mom and wife or husband or lover we know you are this absolutely a common scene from the movie of your life. Whew…your BUSY LIFE!

So, just how do you fit into into your busy life and responsibilities time for your love and your lover – sometimes the one you refer to as the third child you are responsible for:)? You know the one who forgets to pick up his daughter because he’s distracted at this business or the person who was 20 minutes late to the family dinner celebration of your son’s birthday because he had to close one last deal. The guy you just wish would be more present when he’s home, less distracted in growing his company, at least for the kids if not for you too… You’re exhausted from all the running and constantly having to remind your partner to BE a partner. Or perhaps the scenario is reversed – YOU are the one forgetting and forever apologizing as business crowds into your family the lives of your children and love life leaving you feeling drained, guilty and certainly less-than stellar in your role as mother, wife and lover.


Today’s Busy

In the busy scenes of today’s hustle-and-bustle life for success-focused ladies and gents the constant struggle of balancing life and duties as a parent and love with your spouse get twisted, tangled and often overwhelming. It seems one always takes a back burner and over time ends up suffering. So, what to do??

We’d like to say there’s a magic wand – like put on some lipstick and heels for him or come in the door with a bundle of roses and pull her into your arms with a strong embrace. And while both of these are amazing gestures and certainly a place to begin from they are just that…a starting place.


Your Relationship Garden

Just as you have to tend a garden…plant the seeds, water it, weed it and wait for the plants to bear fruit, your relationship requires the same. Ok, seems easy, right? NO, not so easy especially when you pepper in the overwhelming responsibilities and timelines and commitments to others and generally all the frustrations that popup with your spouse. It’s not as easy as watering the garden… LOVE, HAPPINESS and a LIFETIME of both take ongoing commitment and focus even when you just don’t seem to have the energy or time. It certainly starts with micro-moments like the effort to wear lipstick and heels or roses and embraces, but to stand the test of time takes so much more. Happiness in love and in marriage is about so much more than a moment or a single gesture, it’s about the stacking of these over and over and sharing with your partner the same vision as you pull through all of the challenges of life.


The Blooms of EPIC Happiness in Relationships

Marriage and relationships are supposed to be about HAPPINESS… So just how do you get it and keep it with so many other things pulling you here and there on this journey of life?

Like growing your business or your career, growing your children or even growing your garden you have to go after it with skill, with tools, with love and with a proven foundation built on a system to keep you moving together in the same direction. A system and set of tools that you point you in the same path, on the same journey and help equip you ward off the challenges that life brings. The power of two amazing people becoming one out-of-this world unit all while enjoying the journey that’s how to find EPIC HAPPINESS IN LOVE and MARRIAGE.


The Magic Wand Myth

No magic wand and not just a season of planting your garden will grow happiness. If you’re curious about how you can grow EPIC HAPPINESS in your relationship, hop on a call. It’ll be the best 30 minutes you’ve spent as you walk away with quick-start tools to get your relationship headed to EPIC today. Let’s explore EPIC – schedule a 30 minute call here: