Rethink Marriage, Let's Be Real.

As success-driven business leaders and owners let’s talk the pink elephant in the room… Our relationships!

It’s fascinating that with so much rhetoric flying around in the media today we often fail to have meaningful or real conversations as business leaders. Conversations that dig into the actual challenges, the raw issues, conversations my husband calls “1% conversations.” As business owners and leaders, these are the inflection point moments we all carry around with with us that take up a ton of space in our heads but so rarely are voiced out-loud.

So let’s get to the 1%, the vulnerable… How’s your marriage, your long-time committed relationship really doing? And getting even more raw with you, if it’s under a five and has been for sometime do you even really want or have the energy to invest in getting it back to a 10? The place of toe-curling passion, romance and “happily ever after” you pictured when you originally met your partner?


How many sleepless nights have you spent, lying awake next to your lover?

Feeling like they just don’t see you or know you or care what challenges you faced that day? Or maybe you simply don’t have the energy to connect with your spouse after a day filled with fighting fires at the office or in your business.

This is the dreadful, all consuming place that marriages so often fall into as we focus on our careers or on the growth of our businesses and the needs of everyone around us – our parents, our children or our friends – unintentionally relegating our partner as last. And the longer the relationship, often the more gummed up it gets as we fall into habits that keep us pushing our love further and further down the priority list.


We think about our marriages declining.

We might even mention it under our breath or complain to our peers about it, but what do we do about it? Perhaps we spend weeks of sessions in marriage counseling or marriage therapy digging up things so we walk away blaming our partner for even more. Or we may even try a failed marriage retreat, only to walk away from a good weekend to reenter the realities of life only to fall back into the hurtful arguments with our lover all over again.

As leaders in today’s fast-paced world it’s so easy to get hyper focused on growth in our lives and business that we lose the connection and then the passion and then the desire to focus on the one thing in life that should be unbreakable – our love.

Before you know it one day you wake up a statistic, one of nearly 50% of marriages that end in devastating divorce. The blood sweat and tears you invested in building growth to this point all mowed down and ripped in half as the person you loved with all your heart stands on the other side with the mower… or so you think.

You wonder, just how did you get here? The place of total devastation, loneliness and as far away from happiness as you think possible. But could this all be prevented, you reversing the outcome before it’s too late?


ReIgnite EPIC: Love, Powered by MarraigeOS, Our Neurologically-Based System to Build YOUR Amazing Marriage

We help business owners and executives reignite or save their marriages and unlock with their partner the unbreakable bond of unconditional love and passionate connection so that together they discover the secret of their limitless potential, soar above challenges and find epic happiness. Using scientifically proven, neurological principals we give you the instruction manual you never had and the tools to unlock marriage perfection on your terms. NO BLAME, NO WASTED TIME in months and months of marriage therapy and no hours of marriage counseling, just results.


After all..isn’t EPIC HAPPINESS what we are all working so feverishly to have in our life’s journey?

Everything great in life begins with the first step. If you’re ready to rediscover maximized happiness with your lover, team up with us. It all begins with a call, which you can schedule here: Schedule Call

On that call we’re going to unlock how you can begin to ReIgnite EPIC: Love in your relationship today with a simple, but proven and fun system, MarriageOS. If we believe we can help, then we’ll invite you in.

Yet know, we don’t work with everyone – only those leaders who are decisive, action-taking and committed today, not just giving lip service to, rekindling a life of  love and shared happiness with their partners. If you’re not a fit (and 30% of the people we talk to are NOT) we’ll help you figure out the next best step for you right now.

If you are still reading, my guess is you recognize your relationship, life-long happiness, really is important, really can help you grow your career, your business and most importantly your contribution to our world…your legacy. Those that didn’t make it here, well, they are just too busy and are on their way to statisticville.

Take the first step toward saving your relationship today. Schedule your call: Schedule Today

Here’s to YOUR Limitless Love,


Jennifer | Founder, Marriage OS