How does your marriage stack up?


If you’ve been married for more than a year…

…Or in a committed relationship for more than a year I’d wager you’ve been in an argument or tense discussion with your partner surrounding one of the BIG 5: MONEY, KIDS, SEX, COMMUNICATION or your RELATIONSHIP…

A super successful career-focused woman and her business owning husband, we will call them Susan and Jake, recently shared their story with us. My guess is their story will ring true with you…

Susan and Jake shared they’d spent years arguing over finances and recently had one of the biggest blow-ups they could recall- lasting for hours in the early morning and then moving into days of silence between them as they could bear being in the same room for days after…almost an entire week out of their lives, nearly wasting 168 hours.

The whole argument ensued when Jake complained that Susan spent too much money after she brought home a new handbag, and Susan responded that Jake was too controlling and judgemental… The disagreement spun out of control from there. Both of them shared that for days after and even now, weeks later, an all-consuming feeling of desperation had seeped into every aspect of their lives.

For Jake this was impacting productivity and how he ran his business every day as he admitted to irritably reacting to employees, unable to manage the stress that kept resurfacing as he thought about going home each night. Susan shared that nearly every morning she awoke to a sick-feeling in her stomach as she drug herself out of bed to get the kids off to school school and herself ready to face the day in her office. She watched with despair as small things with her kids and at work seemed to make her fly off the handle, often going home at night to get into another argument with her husband.

Susan shared with us the new handbag from weeks earlier seemed to be the tipping point with their marriage on the brink of total destruction. Both of them had started to shout “divorce,” to the other while their arguments only intensified. They hadn’t slept in the same bed in weeks with the stress of it all beginning to physically and mentally impact everything…kids, work, business and every waking moment.


Let’s Cut the Shenanigans!

I’d wager your marriage doesn’t stack up a perfect 10 with the BIG 5: FIANCES, CHILDREN, SEX, COMMUNICATION or your RELATIONSHIP. I’d go further to say that some, if not all, of Susan and Jake’s situation resonates with you.

Just how does your marriage rate?

Grab a pen and paper and take a few minutes to rate yourself in each of the BIG 5. No right or wrong, but certainly happy or not, loving or hate, trust-filled or lacking, supportive or destructive…

We all have KPI’s as we grow our businesses and as leaders know all too well that what gets measured gets attention, so let’s start with the most important commitment we’ve made in life…our marriage.

You may rationalize it’s NATURAL for marriages to be under 10 in the BIG 5, I’d say you are settling and settling in an area that equates to happiness and success in all other aspects of life.

Why not live a life of COMPLETE HAPPINESS with your lover?

Why not purchase a NEW HANDBAG GUILT-FREE or bring home another GADGET FOR YOUR HOBBY knowing that it fits into your shared financial picture?



The bottom line?


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Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

So listen, if you’ve cut through the s^&*% and are seeing what’s really going on in your marriage, it’s time to step in before that seemingly small agitation of a new handbag turns into the avalanche of divorce. A disaster that will end up destroying your marriage, your happiness, your career, your business, your life… AND marriage counseling, marriage therapy where you spend weeks upon weeks of time casting blame, is NOT THE ANSWER.

WHY NOT spend a few minutes with us so we can introduce you to the proven system to get your marriage to 10s in just six weeks?

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Our dynamic system is not a fit for everyone, in fact more than 30% of those we talk to don’t get accepted. If it’s not a fit, no problem, we’ll still point you in the best direction to get your marriage rocking again.


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