Is Christmas your favorite time of  year? Ours too. It’s a busy season of parties and tempting high calorie, high carb drinks and goodies! We know they’re hard to resist so if you need something that will help you maintain your weight or keto lifestyle or if you want something that will help you enjoy the holidays more, BITS are your answer!

Want to Enjoy the Holidays and Maintain Your Weight?


Taking ENERGYbits spirulina tablets before any meal or instead of a meal will reduce your hunger so you aren’t tempted to overeat and will also help you if your goal is to stay keto, vegan or low calorie during the holidays. Taking RECOVERYbits chlorella tablets after drinking alcohol will help remove alcohol and other toxins so you wake up the next day, refreshed and revived and who doesn’t want that! To learn more about keto friendly wines, check out this blog post and listen to this podcast episode with Todd White, Founder of Dry Farm Wines.

Want a few more reasons why algae helps you survive and thrive during the holidays? Check out this blog post for a full list, including the following:

• Satisfies hunger with over 60% protein (3 times the amount of steak)
• Nourishes your body and mind with over40 vitamins/minerals
• Removes alcohol and other toxins easily and naturally
• ONE calorie per tab so you maintain your weight and don’t totally blow your diet
• High essential fatty acids keep you focused so you can resist temptations
• High chlorophyll (1,000 greens) keeps you healthy despite late party hours

Can’t wait or order more or want to give some BITS as a gift? Awesome! Order your bits now with our 20% discount code at Discount code: FSL.

Stay healthy, happy and maintain your weight this Holiday Season with algae! Your body says thank you. And we do too.

Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Knecht and the FSL Modern Team