Surviving the Hustle of the Holidays by Tapping Into Your Intuition, #75

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Show Notes

We’re in the midst of the Holiday season and we’re all getting ready to close out the year and start the new one. We’re getting busy. Our social calendars start to go on hyperdrive, which can be very fun, but also very stressful. It’s getting a little too noisy.

In this episode, we get into a great discussion with Aimee Eoff to get in touch with our intuition, slow down and find the peace in this noise. Make sure you tap into Aimee’s Grounding Meditation and Grounding Prompt Journal to help you stay grounded during times of craziness and chaos and anytime you feel the need to get back to your roots.

This episode is so full of good energy, vibes and great information, you will love it and get so much out of it.

Aimee was with us earlier in the year to talk about how to dsicover your REAL Superwoman powers. Make sure to check out her episode here.


Give a Healing, Get a Healing. Aimee Eoff

When you serve and you give, it comes back to you ten-fold.


What is Intuition?

Our intuition speaks to us in many different ways.

It could be a gut feeling. Especially for women….we get a deep sense about something feeling right or not. Some of us get it through visions.

We get information through a vision that can help us make decisions.

Another way for intuition to come in is through sound and vibrations.

Sometimes we can hear our own voice that speaks to us.

It’s living in the senses. All our senses are information gathering. When we tap into our senses we are able to connect with our spirit, to help guide us.


How do we stop and get in touch with our intuition and learn to trust ourselves?

The holidays are a perfect time to let energy push us.

The main source is meditating and energy work. Learning to put our attention where we want to put it. Wherever we put our attention, that is what becomes our world.

When the attention is on the hustle and bustle and that energy push, we get swept into it and that’s what we manifest more of. We get scattered, and we’re not grounded and centered.

When we stop and have that time to meditate, ground and be in the body, we can be aware of the energy that we’re holding in our space so we can release it and separate from it.

Then we can see it separate from us and know what is ours and what is not ours. We become aware of that energy flowing around us, but we don’t have to give our attention to it and not suffer the effects of it.

Most can see themselves meditating on the beautiful mountaintop, in the quiet of nature. But it’s really in the subway that we need to learn to meditate. In everyday life.

When you practice meditation at home for the real world and you find yourself in a stressful situation at the grocery store, or the subway, then you can pull from that practice to help deal with that situation.


What is Energy?

Energy– our energy is our own unique vibration. Vibrations can be high, or low. What is empowering is when we start to realize that we can set our vibration. We decide what other energies can be in our space or not.


What are Chakras?

Chakras are part of our energetic body. We have our physical body which is matter. And we have our energetic body, called astrobody and many other terms.

The Chakras are kind of like the organs of our energetic body. They’re energy centers within our body. They’re shaped like ice cream cones.

They spin. And sometimes they’re more open than closed. And some say they have colors. But Aimee does not believe or see them in color. Everyone sees them in their own way.

They run from the base of your spin to the top of your head.

A Brief Explanation of the Chakras

1st chakra- located at base of spine. It’s about survival.

2nd chakra- located at naval. It’s about emotions and feeling energy.

3rd chakra- located below the wrist at the stomach. It’s about the energy distribution. Our confidence and self esteem.

4th chakra- located at your heart center. This is about your affinity with yourself and with others.

5th chakra- located at your throat. It’s about your ability to communicate.

6th chakra- located at your forehead. It’s about clairvoyance. This is where you can be most neutral.

7th chakra- located at the top of your head. It’s all about you’re knowingness. This is when you know something off the top of your head. You just know it without any intellectual reasoning.

There are minor chakras as well. Two minor ones at the bottom of your feet and two in the palms of your hands.


Let’s talk about wanting to CONTROL everything

Many of our busy FSLers in career and as moms, want to keep everything controlled.

Before we can take any action there is a vision that we have. Every amazing CEO and entrepreneur, any creation started with a vision. Whether we’re conscious of the vision or not. That vision turns into a thought. From there we take action and we create it.

When we seek out to create something, the body starts to look at these visions. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for the body. Because the body can die and has limitations to it; time and space. But the vision lives and it becomes real that minute you visualize it. Sometimes we want to give the reigns over to the body and we feel like we have to make it happen. But this actually hingers the energy. When we have resistance the energy can’t move through it. When you’re neutral and not trying to hold on (take control), it flows naturally.

Aimee explains this beautifully in the podcast. Listen in so you get the details of what she has to say about this.


Aimee has provided our listeners with a special grounding meditation AND  grounding prompt journal. It’s 9 minutes, but listen to it and start paying attention to what is happening in your body. It’s hard to sit in silence, or quiet the mind, but you can start by becoming aware of your thoughts. Make it a goal to listen to it daily for a week. After your meditation, you can take your workbook and start journaling by following the prompts. Meditation and journaling can be a transformative experience!

Download it here and come back and tell us how it went. Would love to hear about your experience.


To start a meditation practice, you can start with just 2 minutes and grow from there. In this interview with Michelle Chalfant, we talk about starting a meditation practice and it will be the perfect place to start to learn and grow your meditation practice.


What are you doing to help you deal with the hustle and bustle of the holiday stress?

  • Feeling my feet in the grounds
  • Imagine all of my intentions behind my eyes. I own my space and realize when I’m part of the story.
  • Energy readings. Reminds me and validates me of where I’m at.
  • Meditation
  • Amusement. Don’t take everything so seriously. Amusement is a high vibration and will bring positive energy into your space.


Aimee’s Bio:

Intuitive, Teacher, Writer & Speaker
A farmer of compassion, truth and light, planting soul seeds in the world while teaching how to live an intuitive life. I teach (mostly) woman how to develop their intuition, trust themselves and their bodies so they can create a life they love based on their truth without seeking external validation.Teacher for Brave Girl University
Founder of Soul Happy (
Contributing Writer Huffington Post
Speaker Brave Girl Symposium (July 2017)
Has worked with many companies and thousands of individuals around the world.


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