7 Life Hacks to Get You to a Happy and Healthy 100 Year Old, #73

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Show Notes

On today’s episode of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman, Dr. John Day shares the journey that led him to find the Longevity Village, which inspired his years research and ultimately, to writing his book The Longevity Play: Seven Life Transforming Lessons From Ancient China. These lessons, obtained from a seven remarkable centenarians in Bapan, China, helped Dr. Day turn his own deteriorating health around.

The principles Dr. Day teaches his patients and the readers of the The Longevity Plan are profoundly simple yet elusive to many Americans: Eat Good Food, Master Your Mind-Set, Build Your Place in a Positive Community, Be in Motion, Find Your Rhythm, Make the Most of Your Environment and Proceed with Purpose. Al of these concepts are wonderfully illustrated in the stores of the seven remarkable centenarians of Bapan (The Longevity Village) their families and their community.

What was found in the Longevity Village and what is now in the book?

The book breaks down the seven principles focused in living in tune with our DNA, the way we were designed to live.

Starts out with nutrition and eating real food.

In this village, there was nothing processed. No sugars or oils. Everything was real food that they foraged, a simple lifestyle. Nothing exotic. Just the way our bodies were supposed to be.

Food should be nourishment.

How Can Busy People Start to Make the Switch to this Lifestyle?

Busy moms and career woman are making their families a priority and running around time pressed.

Introduce healing foods with each meal is a good start. Most families are starting the morning with sugar: cereals, pastries and high sugar coffee drinks.

Try to introduce vegetables regularly and eliminate sugar. It’s so addictive. Provide kids fruit, vegetables and nuts first before the cereal.

People are time-strapped and this can be challenging, but it can be done.

One great way is to batch food. Make more than usual over the weekend so you have leftovers to use during the week.

Focus on Nightshades

Lots of controversy on this. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Some believe they’re the root of many autoimmune diseases and inflammation. Dr. John Day has a thorough blog post on his website about this very subject, referencing research studies. It has been shown in rats that nightshades create inflammation, but it has never been proven in humans. There are no credible studies or science to prove that and rule out these wonderful foods. If you find that your joints hurt when you eat tomatoes, then don’t eat them. But most healthy diets like the Mediterranean diet and Japanese diets include nightshades and these groups have the lowest amounts of autoimmune conditions.

7 Tenants in Longevity Plan

1) Nutrition- eat real food. Eliminate sugars and processed foods.

2) Mindset- this is critical. Every centenarian he met in their home, all shared that they are living the best days of their lives. Each day is an honor and it is an honor to grow older rather than trying to hang on to their youth. Optimistic people live 7 to 8 years longer. Those with gratitude live twice as long. Those that embrace their stress rather than complain about it live 17 years longer.

To practice positive mindset, Dr. Day embraces everything that life throws at him. Even stress and challenges, and look at them as obstacles to overcome.

3) Community- something that is not well understood in the medical community. The power of being connected. And we’re not talking technologically. People who feel isolated or lonely, is the biggest predictor of early death…more than smoking and obesity. These communities are very tight knit. Living in multi-generational homes…4 generations in one home! The concept of being connected giving a feeling of belonging and someone to talk to.

4) Physical Activity or Being in Motion- too many of us think that exercise is a swear word….”I gotta go to the gym” and people don’t want to do it. But centenarians know nothing about driving to a gym to move. They live intentional lives and physically active throughout their lives. They are in motion all the time. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. So if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Do other things like walking, dancing and gardening. Studies show that even if you go to the gym and sit at your desk all day, going to the gym cannot undo the damage of sitting at your desk all day. Re-engineer movement back into our lives. Sitting is the new smoking.


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Dr. Day’s 3 Personal Habits to Help Him Succesfully Reach Age 100

  1. Eat real food. This was really hard for him initially.
    1. Favorite snacks are vegetables and nut butters.
  2. Physically active
  3. Mindful about relationships in his life. Being the best husband, father and doctor.

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