Four Steps to Instantly End Overwhelm in Your Life with Jennifer Knecht, #72

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Show Note

Jennifer Knecht talks how to stop, breathe and break through the overwhelm.

Ever spend time worrying about the unknown. Spend time looping over a ruminating thought over and over again….even when they’re not reality. We then make them a reality by thinking about them and putting our focus into them.

We all operate on deadlines.

When the feeling of overwhelm starts to set in and keeps us up at night, we have to stop it in that moment. Like snapping our fingers.



Meditating is not so easy for everyone to sit there and eliminate all thoughts and focus on your breathe. Jennifer is more of a moving meditator…going for walks or runs.

Listen in on our meditation podcast here with Michelle Chalfant on How to Start and Build Your Meditation Practice. She even made several customized meditations just for our listeners. Here’s one on Setting Goals and Achieving Success.



There’s research about the need to create intentional day dreaming space. The ways in which you create this is you focus on the really big, hairy a** goal. That vision that you want to achieve, and let your mind wander away and be intentional with that vision.



Doing some yoga to help clear the mind. Going on walks or runs. Get your body moving.


Take things in bit sized pieces.

Rather than worrying about all the things that need to get done at one time, chunk them out. Jennifer likes to calendar them out in “campaigns”.

Spend some time every month and look at the big projects we have every month and write them down. EVERYTHING. Work, home, life, health, career, etc.

And prioritize them. Determine if these things really need to get done in the next 30 to 90 days. Prioritize them, calendar them out and then….LET THEM GO. Yup, you read that right. Let them go until it’s time to think about them.

List out on your calendar when you’re going to focus on each. This may sound simple, but when you apply it…it’s a life changer.



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