Reignite The Fire in Your Relationship…or Light a New One, #71

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Show Note

Today’s episode of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman, is one every lady out there will want to tune in to. Our guest Orion Talmay teaches us to attract our partner or reignite our passion with our current partner, by learning to first love ourselves. We talk forgiveness of our past, acceptance of our body and our stories, and ultimately to be in a place of self love and self acceptance, to open ourselves up to attract not only passion and love, but success and all things positive. It’s a great one ladies!!

According, to CDC, in 2014 there were just over 2 million marriages, and nearly 1 million divorces. states that 44% of the American adult population is single today.

Orion’s role is to focus on helping women to live an empowered life and discover the love that they want.

We start with how you reignite that passion

How can we REIGNITE our relationship? Reignite The Fire in Your Relationship…or Light a New One

After so many years, we forget that excitement we used to feel in the beginning. As humans, it’s natural to look for danger, and we tend to look for what’s wrong, what’s missing and how we can protect ourselves. We have to consciously work at not thinking and behaving in that manner. Here are Orion’s top tips to reignite:

  1. With your partner, every single day, say 3 things to each other that you really liked about your partner. For example: I really appreciated that you washed the dishes. Or, I really liked how you praised me when you were talking to that person. It’s a great way to go to sleep if you do it right before going to bed.
  2. Another tool is imago dialogue. You can print out the structure here. It helps you communicate and feel that you are really appreciated when you’re in a fight, disagreement or in a place of frustration.
  3. DATE NIGHT!!! Every week or every other week, prepare a date surprise for your partner. This can be a date time event. A hike, a café, a massage…doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s a matter of spending time together.
  4. Sex labs- When people are together for a long time and when they lead a busy life, there is no time for sexploration. Set some time in your calendar to explore each other sexually. It’s a dedicated time to explore different sexual activities. It can be silly, and stupid and funny, but many times it’s very hot. Leave your judgement at the door and have no expectations. Be open minded.

Tips for Great Communication in Relationships?

A great tip in communication is to not dehumanize your partner. Words like bitch, or dog. It may seem harmless, but our subconscious mind does not understand humor. Not even for ourselves, we should not say “I’m so stupid”…because our mind believes it.


How to Attract the Perfect Person

We attract from our point of attraction.

If in our mind we think, all the good men are gay or taken, or all men are dogs, or I’m not good enough, I am intimidating to men…this will be in our energetic field and will not be in alignment with the person we’re looking for.

Our “person” can be in the same room and we won’t be able to see them.

First and foremost we have to love ourselves, including our shadow parts, and be a goddess to emit high vibrations.


How to Get Past Relationship Pain?

A healing alchemy- mending the broken pieces. When a women is healed she is ready for the real deal, to be in a great relationship. If a woman does not heal herself and finds a great man, she will sabotage that relationship.

Taking ownership of our body, as it is now. Having self-love on a physical level and fall in love with it.

Orion teaches women how to tell stories, because that’s what our subconscious understands. So she does guided processes and hypnotic processes to embrace their shadow parts and teach them to take care of themselves and love all those shameful parts of themselves. To accept themselves just the way they are and the open themselves up to accepting the good that is available.

Forgive yourself by talking to your younger self and meditating. Tell yourself and your younger self that you love her and you are there for her.

Once you forgive, you are in a place of acceptance.

When you accept yourself, you not only attract the right person in our life, we attract success and money and other positive things.

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Alpha Women and Love

Becoming an attractor rather than a hunter. Integrate your feminine side into your life. You do this by connecting to your body. If you’re a strong alpha woman, it is not about losing your “masculine” (driven, focused, determined) traits in your life. Integrate the Goddess part of you by hanging out in women’s circles, taking a pole dance class, or a dance class.


Join Orion’s private FB page Awaken Your Inner Goddess: 7 Day Challenge for a challenge that she will begin next month in October.


Orion’s 3 Habits to Ensure Her Journey

  1. Gratitude
  2. Self Love
  3. Meditation

About Orion Talmay:

Orion Talmay is a role model of feminine empowerment and the creator of Orion’s Method, teaching women how they can have it all, on their own terms. But it wasn’t always this way for Orion, recovering from an abusive relationship and a crippling bout of depression was the catalyst for her journey of turning pain into potency, and it was through this experience that she learned the foundational importance of cultivating self-love as the basis for all relationships, both personal and professional.

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