Are Wines Toxic?


Are wines toxic? Yes most are.

If you drink wine and care about your health, listen up.  We are going to share with you the wine industry’s dirty dark secrets.

Wine has been consumed for over 8,000 years and wine has played an important role in how our societies have been shaped in arts, culture, and religion. It’s been a healthy and vibrant enjoyment of fermented grape juice! But what is happening in modern wines, as we have learned, is often very unhealthy.

We recently met Todd White, the nation’s leading authority on healthy wines, and interviewed him on the podcast. Like most people, we had no idea what was happening in wine manufacturing. Yes, we said manufacturing, not winemaking. Most of the wines being produced in the U.S. and the world today are produced in massive factories.

What’s happening in modern wine production is not much different from what is happening in all of agribusiness and our troubled food supply. Mass consolidation, driven by corporate greed.

Their goal is to make wine cheaper and faster, not better and healthier.

How do you make wine cheaper and faster? Unnatural fillers, flavor agents, and chemical additives. CHEMICAL ADDITIVES? Yes, there are 76 additives approved by the FDA for the use in wine manufacturing in the United States. Like most people, we were shocked to learn this. Further, 38 of these additives get the GRAS acronym from the FDA. That stands for “Generally Regarded As Safe”. That is Government speak.

How is this possible and why don’t people know what is in the wine they are drinking? Simple and disheartening – because the U.S. Government is helping the wine industry hide this dirty dark secret by keeping contents labeling off of wine. The wine industry has spent tens of millions of dollars in lobbying money feathering political nests to keep contents labeling off of wine.

Wine is the only major food group without a contents label. They do not want you to know what is in and natural wine bottles

Further, there’s more bad news in most modern wines: SUGAR. Hidden sugar – the D I E T and health killer. Sugar is everywhere and contained in nearly everything. Americans, and now the world, have a massive sweet tooth, and it is killing us and our diet. If you are mindful of sugar, you can simply look at the contents/nutritional label of virtually everything you consume and you can see the amount of sugar.  BUT, not with wine. Again they do not want you to know.

If sugar consumption is on your mind, you will want to stay away from most wines. As Todd educated us, it’s called hidden sugar, because you can’t usually taste it. Because of the underlying acid in wines, even if it does not “taste” sweet, it still may very likely contain sugar.

Then there are the farming practices. Monsanto’s Roundup and its active chemical glyphosate is the #1 herbicide used in U.S. vineyards. Just last year, in an independent study of three wine appellations in California, glyphosate was found present in all the wines tested. Again, like most of agribusiness; the goal is not to be healthier or better, it’s cheaper and faster. In this pursuit, corporate greed is killing our soils and the earth. And making toxic agricultural products, like grapes.

Finally, in the U.S. Wine industry, there is near 100% use of irrigation (it is against the law in some regions in Europe to irrigate wine grape vines). Why is that important? It affects fruit quality and leads to high alcohol levels in wines. Then why irrigate? More greed.

When you irrigate a grape vine you get higher yields and fruit filled with water, which weighs more. Grapes are sold by the ton, hence heavier grapes equals more money for the grower. The problem here, in addition to poor quality grapes filled with water, is the grapes must reach a higher sugar level at ripening to develop flavor. Higher sugar leads to higher alcohol levels in fermentation.

Because of all this – the 76 additives, hidden sugars, use of chemicals like glyphosate, irrigation, higher alcohol levels, and more – most wines are toxic.


Fortunately, there’s a healthier option.

Enter Todd White, health evangelist, biohacker, and wine lover! Todd is a fanatic on healthy drinking and eating. He is also the founder of Dry Farm Wines, the only health quantified wine merchant in the world. His #1 goal was to drink healthier himself. Since many of his friends loved the cleaner wines he was hunting down in Europe, he founded Dry Farm Wines to get healthy wines to everyone.

Dry Farm Wines curates Natural Wines from small organic and biodynamic farms in Europe (there are no U.S. wine producers who meet the strict Dry Farm Wines criteria). Natural Wines are very specific farming and winemaking protocols. There are only a few hundred Natural Winemakers in the world and Dry Farm Wines is now the world’s largest reseller of these wines.

Natural Wines must be…

  • Farmed organically or biodynamically
  • Dry farmed
  • Chemical free
  • Fermented with native wild yeast
  • Additive free
  • Unaltered

They’re pure, whole, honest, handcrafted artisan wines. Only a tiny fraction of wines made in the world are now Natural Wines.

Because Todd is a fanatic, Dry Farm Wines takes the whole process one step further.

All Dry Farm Wines must also be…

  • Sugar-free
  • Low in sulfites
  • Low alcohol

To guarantee these are the cleanest possible wines, every wine curated by Dry Farm Wines is lab tested by an independent certified enologist for sugar, toxins, additives, and alcohol.

The result: You feel completely different drinking these wines.

  • No hangovers or headaches
  • No brain fog
  • No heavy head
  • No sacrificed sleep
  • Better, lighter buzz quality

Overall, just a much higher quality experience from these artisan organic additive-free, sugar-free wines.

This is the reason Dry Farm Wines and Todd’s fanatical protocol has been endorsed by so many leading health authorities and best selling authors including Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive, Robb Wolf of The Paleo Solution, Abel James of The Fat Burning Man, JJ Virgin of The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet, Jimmy Moore of Keto Clarity, and many more.


We think you will enjoy this healthy approach to Natural Wines. Dry Farm Wines is offering our readers a 1 Penny bottle of wine with your first order! Check it out and cheers to your health: