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Show Note

Aimee Eoff of Soul Happy teaches us how to sit in our emotions and get in touch with our intuition, to trust ourselves and our bodies. She provides quick tips for women with a lot of noise on their minds. Ever find yourself saying “I knew it”? That was your intuition calling! Listen in to learn how to find your own answers within yourself.

Aimee has always been intuitive since childhood. But she really didn’t know it. In her 20s she started to realize she was really different and felt there was something wrong with her. She could feel what other people felt, she could hear what other people were feeling. With the advice from a therapist, she took a 4 week meditation class and it completely changed her life. She recognized that her intuition was a gift and helped her to identify what her energy is, as opposed to what other people’s energy is in a room.

She is passionate about teaching people to connect with their intuition and their intellect.

What is Intuition?

We all hold energy. Every word we use has an energy attached to it. We all visualize the word differently, based on experiences we each have had.

Aimee created a fun little quiz that is available on her website. It allows you to see what way your intuition speaks to you most dominantly. These are intuitive essences. Check it out…we did! There are 4 that Aimee works with :

  1. Feeling from the 2nd chakra- Creative Sensual– when you feel the energy in a room.
  2. Clear audience, at the throat/5th Chakra- all about communication and sound. The Vibrational Muse. Where your intuition speaks to you, where you hear your own answers, or you hear other people’s thoughts.
  3. Clairvoyance, right behind your eyes, where your 6th chakra is- you can see the energy, but you don’t become it and you don’t become the emotion of it. She calls it the Sovereign Visionary. You can see a picture when someone is telling you something.
  4. The top of your head, your 7th Chakra- she calls it Wise Soul. You just know off the top of your head. Without reasoning you just know things to be true.

We all have these 4 essences. There are more, but these are the ones Aimee works with.

Even just thinking about the way in which we are connected to our essences, and listening to this podcast, will help us get more in touch with the essences.

Discover your intuition and learn to trust it.

What do you need to do to get better in touch with our intuition?

It’s an act of being mindful and aware and curious. When we start getting curious, it brings it out to the surface.

When we feel tense or any emotion, stop and ask yourself why are you feeling that tension or emotion? Your body will start answering.

Get curious with your senses.

Follow the whispers you hear, and the butterflies you feel in your happy.

Intuition is not always happy, because it’s about getting real. It’s work to peel the layers and we start to face whether what we believe in is our own belief. We start to discover what is real to us and what it is not real. It will lead to a happy place, but the journey may not be a comfortable journey.

How many times have you said “I knew it”?

These are the times when we know a feeling that came within us was real. We can learn to read this more and act upon it to make real decisions.

When we meditate we are making a statement to yourself into the world, we start to connect inward and learning to determine if what we are feeling is real or if it’s fear or noise. It’s a practice. The more we do it, the more we can get better at it.

One quick exercise to recognize if it’s intuition or noise.

Ask yourself “does this feel expansive or contractive”? Does it feel like your emotion is making you feel expansive and excited? Or, does it make your body contractive and tense?

Tips for women with a lot of noise on their mind

  • Stop and feel your feet on the ground. Recognize that right here right now, your feet are connected to the earth. That will help you get connected to the moment. Creates a dialogue between body and spirit and brings you back in.
  • Breathing. Taking 3 to 10 deep breaths. Feel your breath first and see if it’s in its natural rhythm.
  • Imagine what color your emotion is. You may see it, feel it or hear it. The moment we give it a color, we start to disconnect from the emotion and create separation from it. Our energy systems are like sponges and we absorb a lot of other energy, and we will take on other people’s stresses. The body gets overwhelmed, and when that happens, that is all we can here. The body is like a child, and us as the parent, need to guide it.

How to learn to trust your intuition

We learn the hard way many times; we ignore it and pay the consequences later. This is when we say “I knew it” and “I should’ve listened to myself”. The more we listen to it and act on it, the louder it gets. This is a relationship we have within ourselves.

How do you really understand what your heart desires are?

Feel your body emotions. How does your body react when you see something, or hear something. Does it make you feel expansive or contractive?

Try a fun exercise: Make a vision board on Pinterest with images of what you want in the next five years or whatever an occasion is. Those images that make you feel happy…that’s what you should be doing.

Aimee’s 3 Habits to Ensure Her Own Journey

  1. Meditation
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Physical movement


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About Aimee Eoff:

Intuitive, Teacher, Writer & Speaker
A farmer of compassion, truth and light, planting soul seeds in the world while teaching how to life an intuitive life. I teach (mostly) woman how to develop their intuition, trust themselves and their bodies so they can create a life they love based on their truth without seeking external validation.

Teacher for Brave Girl University
Founder of Soul Happy (
Contributing Writer Huffington Post
Speaker Brave Girl Symposium (July 2017)
Has worked with many companies and thousand of individuals around the world.

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