Building Your Meditation Practice, #62

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Show Notes

Michelle Chalfant talks to us about the many benefits of meditation, including learning to love ourselves. If you’re feeling like something is missing, lost, overwhelmed, stressed or a need to find peace, join us in building a meditation practice. Michelle guides us with a simple plan to get started. Join our 66 Day Meditation Challenge on our private FSLModern Community, absolutely FREE.


How do You Start to Love Yourself?

Michelle uses her model called The Adult Chair, a model that teaches people to love themselves.

It’s a timeline. From 0-6 years old we live in our Child Chair where we learn feelings (sadness, happiness, etc) and needs (hugs, to hear I love you, etc.) and we learn vulnerability, passion and intimacy.

Around 6-7 years old we move into the Adolescent Chair, where the ego comes in and tells us it’s separate from us. It’s based on fear and we learn about telling stories and assumptions. We live in the past and the future, not the present. We learn about control, blame and we use words like “You’re always like that” and “you’re never like this” , this is where codependency, control, narcissism, etc. comes in. We’re reactive.

Around 25 years old, if we had parenting modeling to teach us how to process feelings and live authentically, we tap into our Adult Chair. But most of us have some sort of dysfunction and don’t quite know how to land in this Adult Chair.

Michelle’s model is about learning to live in this Adult Chair. We learn to set boundaries, have passion, live authentically and tune into our child and adolescent to figure out what is going on and make decisions from our adult, our higher self.

The model gives people a framework of where they’re at. It’s something that needs to be practiced over time and is absolutely life changing.

To learn more about The Adult Chair model, download Michelle’s FREE ebook The Adult Chair: A Guide to Loving Yourself.


What are the Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation helps us to slow down. The more we have to do, the more we have to slow down to get things done. It seems to not make sense, but it works.

“Meditations helps us to become observers of the mind”- Michelle Chalfant


Benefits of meditation:

Process things in a new way

Slow down

Helps us land in our Adult Chair

Find peace

Physical and emotional pain relief

Eliminate insomnia

Lower blood pressure

Balance in our life


5 Minute Self Love Guided Meditation

Michelle’s most popular guided meditation helps people in slowing down, bringing in light and love into the body, most people report physical and emotional pain relief, a huge sense of peace, self-love they’ve never felt before, clearing thoughts and beliefs that are not loving, and some people even cry because it’s such a contrast to how they talk to themselves.

To meditate on your own, just close your eyes and breathe. Set a timer so your ego doesn’t get scared that you’ll meditate for 3 hours, and just be. Watch your thoughts go by and just let them go. You need to practice to be an observer of your thoughts. Over time and practice (just like going to the gym), you become better at it.

Meditation can be done anywhere. Preferably sitting, because laying down people tend to fall asleep. It becomes a sacred time for people. Michelle meditates outdoors every morning. When it’s cold, she sets incense indoors and asks those around her to not interrupt. Can be done outdoors during a walk, and it’s about listening to the birds, looking at nature, and being present in that moment and taking deep breaths.

Our 66 Day Meditation Challenge is going on now in the Private FSLModern Community. It came out of our interview with Geoff Woods about Time Blocking in order to hone in on our One Thing and create a new habit. A new habit has been scientifically proven to take 66 days to form. Join us in our 66 day challenge to build your new habit, whether it’s meditating or something else.

Jason Seib shared with us in a 4 part series last year, that meditation was key to successful weight loss. And we’ve had several guests talk about how they’ve benefited from meditation, including Geoff Woods.


Time Blocking with The One Thing


Michelle’s 3 Habits to Ensure her Health Journey

  1. Warm water with a whole lemon to detoxify body and all the organs
  2. Meditation, mindfulness and prayer
  3. Live in her Adult Chair

About Michelle Chalfant:

Michelle Chalfant MS, LPC, CHC, is a therapist, holistic life coach, speaker, and author dedicated to helping individuals and couples uncover their true and whole selves by stripping away limiting beliefs, false stories and emotional masks. Michelle has demonstrated that increasing self-awareness is the first step to self-love. Michelle’s Adult Chair model is used to help people understand their inner child, adolescent (ego), and healthy adult more intimately. In doing so, they become able to identify the source of their limiting emotional responses to the world around them. Michelle’s work provides a path toward healing, recovery from trauma and grief, and the promise of growth that comes with a life lived from our Adult Chair. Michelle is host of The Adult Chair podcast, and her writing and guided meditations support thousands of listeners, readers, and students around the world. For more information on The Adult Chair and Michelle’s work, visit, subscribe to her mailing list, or find her on her Facebook page.

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