Is Your Thyroid Giving You The Middle Finger?, #61

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Show Notes

Jen Springer talks to us about thyroid dysfunction and just how easy it is for thyroid related conditions to be completely overlooked by your doctor. Listen in to learn how to be your own advocate, what to read, what labs to request, finding a practitioner that will help you and get back to feeling like YOU again!

What are the signs of thyroid dysfunction?

Weight gain

Hair thinning

Always cold, hands and feet are always cold

Eyebrows are thinning from outer edge

If you stick out your tongue it looks swollen, or has ridges where the teeth press against it

Body temperature below 96 degrees

Candida, yeast overgrowth

Adrenal Fatigue

Hormone challenges over the course of time

Anxiety and panic attacks

Mood changes

Blood sugar challenges

Is Your Thyroid Giving You The Middle Finger?

What Steps Do We Take To Find Out If We’re Having Problems With Our Thyroid?

Most doctors will only order a TSH which will not give you a complete picture of the thyroid function. Those patients that request more labs from their family doctor will most likely end up arguing with them, as it is not something they do on a regular basis, nor is it how they’re trained to look at thyroid function.

Minimally we need to run a labs on TSH, Free T4 and Free T3. T3 is the hormone that does all the work in the body. Without knowing what Free T3 is doing, we know nothing.

It’s also important to look at Reverse T3, Reverse T4, TPO and AB antibodies, to find out if there’s any autoimmunity going on in the body. These are just the basics.

Jen talks about other labs she likes to look at to get a complete picture, including sex hormone panel.

Look for a Practitioner That Will Help You

Ask them for the labs listed above and ask them how they treat thyroid. If they can read those lab results and treat thyroid with nutrition, thyroid supplementation, you will be able to tell if this is a practitioner that can really help you.

Functional medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths are good options to look at.

How to Get Your Thyroid Back to Optimal Health

Read good books on the subject. See below for her recommended books.

Be careful when you read a lot about the thyroid because it’s very doom and gloom and it can be easy to get down. But it’s easy to treat with nutrition and supplementation. It can be reversed quickly.

Gentle and moderate exercise is important to regulate estrogen production to regulate T3 hormone. Stretching and walking to start and once your hormones are under control, bring in some strength building.

Low GI Tracker is a great app for keeping track of low GI foods. Don’t eat anything over 55.

Jen goes over the various supplements that will help the thyroid function.

Thyroid Replacement

Some people do well on synthetic thyroid.

Natural desiccated thyroid gland is preferred. Any type of thyroid replacement is going to replace what the thyroid would normally make. After taking the natural replacement for a while, the pituitary will know to pick up its production of thyroid hormone in some people. If this happens, those people can cut down. Others can’t.

Time Blocking with The One Thing

Jen’s 3 Habits for Optimal Thyroid Health

  1. Do not stress
  2. Eat and fall in love with vegetables
  3. Minimally 7-8 hours of sleep nightly

About Jen Springer:

Jen has been immersed in natural health since 2001.  She has pursued education in bodywork, nutrition, and herbology. Jen has taught thousands of people over the years on natural health for family wellness, pets, and even gardening! Empowering people with knowledge and tools to take back their health is her mission and passion.

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