The 101 on Smells that May Be Killing YOU with Dr. Eric Z, #59

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Show Notes

Dr. Z talks to us about how to use essential oils and live the abundance life. He goes over the ailments that can be treated, how all the “smells” in our surroundings are creating havoc in our bodies and how to get started with a natural essential oil practice. If you’re not yet using essential oils in your everyday life, this episode is an eye opener. Listen in for his DIY natural and safe hand sanitizer and home freshener recipes.


The 101 on Essential Oils

How can essential oils help us? Even though they’re extracted from nature, you’re not going to see a puddle of oils in nature. However, you will smell it on roses, and other particles in the air that trigger the nose and let the brain know there is something there.

There is huge component of safety when it comes to essential oils. It takes a lot of extraction to get our current essential oils. These are chemicals that can heal and make us feel better. There is no nutrition or minerals, but do have antioxidant properties. These are the particles God put in nature to help us heal.

The sky is the limit on the types of essential oils available.

One drop of oil has the ability to ward off disease and heal, but it needs to be used as any other medicine and not tamper with it. There is a safety factor to using them, and like with any medicine, you can get hurt if not used properly.


How to Use Essential Oils and When

Anything that is smelled or has a flavor, has an essential oil in it, whether synthetic or natural. Body care products, food, home fragrance, candles, etc. Antibacterial soaps and products (hand sanitizers) are thyroid hormone disrupters. All the chemicals around us are affecting every aspect of our life.

To get started, it’s a matter of replacing the fake stuff with the real stuff. Stop the aerosols and plugins because they’re harmful to our health, leading to cancer, auto immunity, Alzheimer’s, etc. If you smell it, it will get into your body. Everything can be replaced with natural essential oil products.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

Steps to get started with essential oils

Dr. Z is a big proponent of DIY with essential oils.

Home air freshener DIY:

  1. Throw away the bad stuff and start to replace them one by one. Start with hand sanitizers and aerosoles.
  2. Get a diffuser for aromatherapy for your home.
    1. Use energizing scents in the morning, like citrus.
    2. Use relaxing scents at night like lavender.

It’s not easy, it does need to become a habit. The truly natural way of life takes time. But it will be the most rewarding way of life.


Hand sanitizer DIY:

  1. 1 oz. glass spritzer bottle
  2. Add a few drops of alcohol free witch hazel
  3. Add a couple drops of aloe
  4. Add a couple drops of vitamin E
  5. Add 10 drops of essential oils per ounce (pick your scent!)
  6. Fill up with water

Types of Ailments that can be Helped with Essential Oils

Alzheimer’s and weight loss and everything in between. Lime disease diabetes, stress, hypertension, anxiety, gut health, IBS…almost everything. If it’s a major disease and millions are affected by it, it can be treated with essential oils.


Gut Health and Essential Oils

What kinds of oils would help with leaky gut?

There’s only a couple ways to get the essential oils there. Peppermint is the gut oil. But you can’t just put it in your mouth. You need an enteric coated capsule (peppermint, fennel). You take it orally, it goes through your system and won’t start to deteriorate until it gets to your large intestine and the essential oil gets delivered where it needs to be. The other way is topical application. Oils penetrate through the blood stream. If you massage the oil like lavender with a carrier, it will get delivered throughout your entire body within 20 minutes and will be completely metabolized within 4 to 5 hours. Unlike drugs that will never really get completely metabolized in your body.

For leaky gut, you can create a massage oil with almond or jojoba, add 3% dilution , and rub it over your tummy. It will penetrate. This is amazing.

You always want to dilute for safety reasons. They can burn your skin and the body can become allergic to an essential oil, helps prevent evaporation of the oil, and it will be wasteful. You need a carrier oil to apply it.

Dilution rule of thumb- use jojoba 6 drops of essential oil per ounce. 1% is safe for the face and for babies. Boost it up to 3% (18 drops) to 5% (30 drops) max for medicinal purposes.


How to Get a Quality Essential Oil

This is difficult because you don’t know until you test it. Up to 75% of oils on the market have either been diluted, is synthetic or mislabeled.

Dr. Z won’t recommend a brand. He uses several. He created a blog on his website “How to Choose an Essential Oil Brand“. There are several out there that have good quality oils.

Get a starter kit from different brands and start testing them, smell them, see how your body reacts when you apply it topically, have your friends and family try them and make your choice.

One of our choices at FSL is AnneMarie Pure Essential Oils Sample Kit. We’ve used it and enjoy it! But you’ll need to follow Dr. Z’s instructions to choose an essential oil brand.

Annemarie organic skin care


Dr. Z’s 3 Habits to Ensure His Health

  1. Forgiveness- forgive yourself first and foremost if you eat something that you shouldn’t
  2. Develop habits- when times get tough, then you’ll always fall back to the habits.
  3. Love yourself and others.


About Dr. Eric Zielinski:

Founder of the Essential Oils Revolution summits that have reached more than 265,000 people, Dr. Eric Zielinski has devoted his life to helping people enjoy the abundant life. Dr. Z is a go-to resource for non-branded essential oils education and spiritual inspiration online. Formally trained as a public health researcher, his website and social media channels are visited by hundreds of thousands of natural health-seekers every month. For more than 14 years Dr. Z, has devoted his life to teaching the world Biblical health principles needed to experience the abundant life. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and children.

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