Travel a Ton? How to Have Weight Loss and Health Despite Jetsetting with Dan Miller, #57

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Show Notes

On today’s episode of Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman, Dan Miller talks to us about the very simple rules he uses with his clients to help them stay healthy, fit and keep their weight under control. This goes for everyone from stay-at-home moms to top level executives. Everyone is pressed for time and money. His simple rules tackle both these challenges and he spills it all in this episode. If you’re interested in adding years to your life span, and reducing your waistline with very easy to follow steps, listen in!

Dan is more fit and more healthy today than he was 20 years ago. He’s accomplished that by paying attention to his body and taking care of it because he intends to live in it for 110 years.

So what does he do so differently today, than he did 20 years ago?

  1. Meditation
  2. Sleep better
  3. Don’t exercise nearly as much, and is much more effective
  4. Diet, make it easy: food and sugar stabilization
  5. Cold showers
  6. Hot saunas


What do busy executive women need to do to take control of their health?

It’s the same for everyone….time and money are the biggest challenges. Absolutely minimum required is 4 hours a week to participate in Dan’s program.

  • 20 minutes a day of meditation…A MUST!
  • (3) 30 minute exercise sessions per week
  • That’s it!!

If you’re not watching out for you, who is?

You should be vibrant and exuberant every day. Is your job really more important than your health?

Meditating creates calm and focus in most people. If we take the time to do it every morning, calm and focused is how we will lead our entire day.

Lose 8 lbs in 10 days

To take control of our waistlines

We need to stabilize our sugar. There are a host of neurological problems that we are seeing today due to high insulin levels.

Easiest way to stabilize sugar and stay in shape:

  1. Quit eating CRAP:
    1. Corn
    2. Rice
    3. All grains
    4. Potatoes
  2. Balance the protein, fiber and carbohydrate intake with a 3 to 1 to 3 ratio= PFC 3-1-3
  3. Eat every 3 hours for only 8 to 9 hours during the day.


For meditating it’s super easy to download an app on your phone and have it guide you for 15-20 minutes everyday. Super easy.

To keep track of your food, download FitnessPal and keep track. Super easy.

We carry around our phones everywhere so we can all certainly do this.


Rock That Dress in 10 days

10 day program to lose 8 pounds. He specifies what to eat, when to eat it, what to drink and when to drink it.

A balanced program that tells you exactly what to do for 10 days to lose about 8 lbs for $29.

Perfect for those of us trying to not only fit into that dress, but rock it!

Executives are more time crunched than most people. No one is watching out for them. It’s lonely at the top.


How to keep your health on check when you’re traveling?

When you’re flying you tend to suffer from high altitude sickness. Most think they’re jet lagged.

Tips to immediately make you feel better when you land:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Find a gym at your hotel, find something that makes you breathe heavy
  • Plan your food. Have your own snacks with you .

Recommended Snacks: hard boiled eggs, fresh veggies, raw nuts without sugar, beef jerky, EPIC bars.


Tips for exercise:

Need to pretend our life depends on it (like you’re being chased by a tiger!)

  • HIIT 20 minutes. Don’t know how? Google tabata and you’ll find a host of ideas.


About Dan Miller:

Dan is an internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert; developing wellness and nutrition programs for busy executives, brides-to-be, and families.  As a Certified Nutrition Coach through the International Board of Nutrition & Fitness Coaching (IBNFC), Dan is a member of the Venice Nutrition Coaches Network. His nutrition programs, based on blood-sugar stabilization and macro-nutrient balance, are designed to permanently end dieting. Holding Master’s degrees in Business Administration; Strategic Leadership; and Project Management, Dan’s education transcends nutrition, allowing him to identify with the challenges faced by today’s busy executives.  In 2014 Dan launched his ROCK THAT DRESS program, forever changing the weight-loss struggle for brides around the world. As with all of Dan’s programs, Rock That Dress incorporates his core philosophies of stress-reduction, blood-sugar stabilization, exercise and movement as essential functions of the human body, and continuous personal development.
Dan is an entrepreneur, speaker, martial artist, scuba diver, ultra-runner, mentor, business owner, writer, and father of two amazing boys.

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