Empowered Women, Empower Women – Are you Empowering Yourself? #55

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Show Notes

This week we explore our mental state of mind, how we reached the point where we have our mean girl voice constantly talking to us, and how to tame it. Dr. Napatia Gettings talks to us about mental health. Seeking aid with our mental health is not a negative, it’s not about fixing something. It’s about being our best self, about being educated, and developing our fullest potential.

The thoughts we have on a daily basis causes our emotions: fear, self-doubt, resistance, etc. On a daily basis when we have a self-dialogue, let’s be aware of that dialogue, and choose how we’re going to speak to ourselves. That conversation will be based on our upbringing, but we have the ability to reflect on it and evoke change as to how we speak to ourselves.

We can be our own worst enemy. FSLModern- Empowered Women, Empower Women

The man vs. woman hierarchy is a system we are living in and is built on comparison. We tend to compare ourselves daily and a way to pull ourselves from that is to accept individuality. We all have shortcomings, and we need to embrace that, and embrace everything that makes us a woman.

Many of us don’t even realize the strengths we have.

Comparison and the mold

Social media plays a huge role in comparison and the mold. It can play a positive or negative role as to how we see ourselves. It h as thrown a huge curveball. We struggle with self-perception, but we don’t’ just compare ourselves to people at school anymore. It’s all day long.

Adolescents place a lot of value on the expectation of what they should look like, and social media has created a huge avenue for bullying.

Dr. Getting’s Social Media Best Practices Guide was created to help parents with the use of their children’s social media and help them navigate this through it.

Young adults, and older people are also affected by what we see on social media and needs to be used responsibly and to our benefit, because it could be a positive thing too. Who doesn’t love to reconnect with grammar school friend?!!


Tips for Breaking The Comparison Challenge

We need to understand judgement, and adopt healthy perceptions about others.

Dr. Gettings runs a conversation she calls Are you full of BS? What is your Belief System like? We judge others based on our own perception of ourselves!! This is huge!

You are writing your own life story. What do you want it to say? What is that you’re grateful for? Put your intention to that.

Visualize being in a room full of people and list the things you would hate to tell them about yourself. What are you ashamed of and why? How did it become an item of shame?

Shaming and not being able to own your truth will completely clog your conscience. People take their lives over misperceptions.


FSLers, let’s empower one another and build up each other’s strengths, so that we too can see and love the strengths and beautiful characteristics we bring to the table.


Dr. Getting’s 3 Habits to Ensure Mental Health:

  1. Get up at 5am- have lots more energy
  2. 1 1/2 hour workout
  3. Meditation and prayer in steam room


About Dr. Napatia Gettings:

“Dr. Gettings is recognized as the preeminent authority on integrated heath and wellness to youth across the country as well as celebrities.
Her platform combats stigmas, judgment and derogatory labeling.
She has pioneered an ongoing campaign against stigmas and judgment, and will begin touring Spring 2016 promoting this platform in schools and festivals across the country.
Gettings has been challenging people to “Test Their Judgment!””
Dr. Gettings is also on the speakers circuit as well as one of the most sought after celebrity wellness coaches specifically assisting them in coping with the effects of social media and working with them cope with the negative side of fame.
Napatia T. Gettings, MD FAACAP has a wide array of clinical and leadership experience that has solidified her expertise in the field of Psychiatry. She readily proclaims that we are all a product of our collective experiences, biological predispositions, and nurturing process. Dr. Getting’s practice within the field of psychiatry includes advocacy, legislative policy, mental health awareness, and patient education. She is a married mother of four who currently practices in Orland Park, Illinois. ”

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