Ignite Your Dreams With Movement And Affirmations, Guest Erin Stutland#42

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Show Notes

Erin Stutland is taking fitness to a whole new level. Blending fitness, nutrition, mind, confidence for the perfect fitness regime helping reshape not only your body, but most importantly your mind. Listen in to find out what ability the power of positivity has on our mind and lives.


Fitness is not solely about counting calories, losing weight and punishment. The fitness movement is about stepping into your power, so stay connected to yourself. To expand your mind, to expand what you think and expand what you believe.


“Creating movement with your body, creates movement in your life.”– Erin Stutland

If you’re feeling stuck in business, in your life, your relationship, finances, and you just feel stuck. Get out and move. Even if it’s just a 20 minute walk. Getting the fresh air and creating easy movement will create a shift in your mind and heart.

Shrink Session – What can I expect, see, feel?

Shrink session is a combination of cardio dance, kickboxing, HIIT workouts and yoga. Yoga meaning the mindfulness. Shrink session does that by incorporating mantras that you’re saying out loud while you are working out. The reason behind this is because it’s a practice of training your body and mind. By training in this way you’re sending the message to your mind, but because you’re also exercising your body, it’s sending a message to your body, your cells, your muscles. People may be hesitant initially, but quickly see the POWER behind it once they start their practice.


People tend to have negative feelings about working out. Shrink sessions replaces the negative “it’s hard” conversations with positive thoughts. And it’s scientifically proven, that exercise becomes more enjoyable and becomes easier.


How do you incorporate Shrink Session into your current fitness regime?

Make a list of things that are troubling you. What you’re struggling with or are afraid of, and turn them into positive affirmations.

For example: “I don’t attract clients”, into “I’m a magnet for success.” You create several mantras for yourself and have your list ready. Then you take that into your workout. So you’re doing a squat for example, with music is perfect, and use your mantra as you do your set. And use a different mantra with your next set.


How to get started if you’re not in a workout regime?

Start with 5 minute workout, which is available on her website. Then graduate to 10 minute workout and work yourself up to 45 minutes. When incorporated with mantras, people really take to it and are inspired.


How can mother’s inspire their families?

The Soul Stroll- a soundtrack with energetic music and mantra’s in Erin’s voice. Mom’s can listen to these in the home, or the car, and the kids listen to it and chanting along, and they really adopt the idea very easily. Mostly because they love to scream things.


Erin’s TV Show – Altar’d

Erin is co-hosting a TV show called Altar’d starting this January. Every episode is a new overweight engaged couple. They are separated for 90 days and meet again at the altar.

This is a very realistic timeline and very realistic look for real people. What she is expressing to women is that it’s not just about food and exercise. It’s about changing how you think about yourself and what you’re capable of. She believes in coaching from a place of love and support and not a hard core, nasty name calling, manner. Looking forward to watching this! Premieres January 17 at 8pm.


Erin’s 3 Habits to Ensure Her Health Journey:

  1. Morning pages almost daily. Number one life habit.
  2. Drink warm lemon water.
  3. Get 10,000 steps a day in addition to workout.


Erin’s Morning Routine

  • Warm lemon water, giant glass.
  • English breakfast tea.
  • Take journal to write 3 pages of what’s on her mind and generate ideas for the day.

Erin Stutland’s Bio:

Erin Stutland shows you that movement in your body creates movement in your life. She doesn’t believe it takes going to extremes to get a body and a life you love, but that a little movement every day goes a long way. If you can make it fun and enjoyable, the results will come even faster.

Having appeared in Glamour Magazine, Fox News, KTLA, Shape, Yoga Journal, Mind Body Green, Well + Good and more, Erin is former professional dancer turned actress turned fitness expert and life coach. She is the creator of workout programs Shrink Session: Sweat Therapy and Soul Stroll, which combine everything from dance, kickboxing, toning, yoga, meditation and life coaching. She blends mantras into all her workouts in a unique way so that not only are you more present and focused while working out, but you finish feeling uplifted and inspired, ready to take on whatever you set your mind to.

Erin’s job is to MOVE you- physically, mentally and spiritually.

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