Looking Back on 2016, #41

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Show Notes

Thank you for spending time with us every week. Thank you for your eagerness to want to learn something every week with us.

If you’re just joining us recently….WELCOME!

We have planned a stellar 2017 lineup of guests for the podcast, with authors, experts, thought leaders, scientists and more!


Reflecting on 2016

We strive to bring cutting edge information to our listeners, to help reinforce what you’re reading and hearing about. Cutting through the clutter of what the media is printing and throwing at us. Providing you with the right information you need to make sound decisions for you, your family and your community.

Let’s do a recap of the great interview guests we had in 2016:

Revisit some of our old podcasts as there are loads of information in each and every one of them.

As human beings, we all need something different to improve our lives. Different things work for different people, and what works for our each individual lifestyle.

But we are absolutely seeing more of is eating more vegetables, eliminating refined carbohydrates as much as possible, eating plenty of good fats, quality meats and protein control. Not only for the benefit of our waistlines, but for our brains and every other part and function of our body.

We also talked a lot about sugar on the podcast. Check out this great article regarding sugar.


New Name for 2017

In 2017, we are changing our name from Food, Sex & Life for the Modern Woman to Food, Success & Life for the Modern Woman, in order to incorporate what you, our listeners, want to learn and hear about.


Call to action for 2017: Be you!


Who are you? Celebrate your 2016 successes, but also your 2016 failures. As it’s failures that offer us the biggest learning opportunity.

Shoot us an email or PM us on Facebook to let us know what you want to learn about, what guests you’re interested in having on the show.

And choose your ONE THING for 2017. What is the ONE THING you can do in 2017, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary? Just focus on the one thing, asking yourself the same question every morning. That’s what will get you to your goal.