How to Change, #40

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Show Notes

In this episode of Food, Sex & Life for the Modern Woman, we discuss the challenges presented when we’re trying to make change. Any change. Whether it’s a change in our lifestyle, career, family…anything. We go into why these challenges within us come up, what is going on in our brains scientifically, and how to overcome the challenges. An excellent episode to understand how to be successful next time we set a goal, because these usually involve some form of change. A very timely episode with the new year coming up.


Why We Lose Interest in our Goals

We’ve all been there. We start a new regime, whether it’s going to the gym or starting something new at work, and we’re super excited initially. For a few days that’s all we can think about and we start strong and ferociously. And then, it’s not as exciting. We start losing steam, feeling lazy about it, it feels uncomfortable….so we skip a day, then we stop and never return to it.

According to Todd Herman of The Peak Athlete, what is happening is that neurotransmitters surge in our brain creating all that excitement. They’re running high for a few days, then they drop, and crash and hit a wall. And our cells love this, but our body needs a little more to change. It needs about 16 days to start feeling more comfortable.

So we need to learn to love the resistance, to push through the “this doesn’t feel so good” feeling.

In the book Living with a Seal, Jess Itzler discusses what it was like living with a Navy Seal for 30 days. A very interesting takeaway from reading this book was about facing fear head-on.


5 Tips for When You’re Feeling Resistance

Danielle Laporte in her book The Desire Map  gives some really great tips for when you’re feeling resistance.

  1. Breathe
  2. Grip your power thoughts- Think about why you’re doing it, your driving force, the reason you started in the first place.
  3. Remind yourself you’re changing- Change is not easy if you’re doing things that are going to move you forward.
  4. Think through your performance- Think of the outcome, like a dress rehearsal.
  5. Keep drafting- You have to keep finessing the language.

Fear is what is holding us back from making change.

SEAL in Living with a Seal,  says that “when it gets hard we’re only using 40%.” So there you have it, we have to keep pushing through.


Learn to love the resistance…so the world can enjoy all the gifts we have to offer!

Links and Resources

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  • Living with a Seal
  • The Desire Map
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