Crisis to Aging to Love – This MD’s Conquering It All with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, #35

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Show Notes

This is the episode to listen to if you’re interested in taking charge of your aging journey, and learn how to improve your health as you age. Dr. Shiroko Sokitch takes us through what is at the core of helping us heal and age gracefully…the simple act of LOVE. Putting love into everything we do and learning to love ourselves will allow us to take care of ourselves properly, by listening to our bodies, and giving it the nourishment and movement it needs to take us through our aging journey seamlessly.

3 Tips to Improve Health with Age

  1. Find love within yourself.
  2. Learn more about yourself by listening to your body.
  3. Work on your spiritual and emotional development.


How to Regain or Find Love After Tragedy

One simple thing….meditation. Dr. Sokitch is loving HeartMath Inner Balance Lightning. It helps you learn to achieve coherence – a synchronization between the heart, breath, and brain. It has several meditation sessions you can use to help you breath through your problems. Meditation is not difficult but it does take practice. We have discussed on the podcast with several guests in the past the benefits of meditation and how you can get started in your practice. Check out Jason Seib’s interview on Stress Management to learn more.

Tips for Maximizing ALL our Functions Through the Aging Process

Dr. Sokitch has one basic philosophy for this: getting your hormones, your immune system and your nervous system in balance sets you up for good health in all other arenas. It is vital to have our hormones balanced. Here are some tips:

  • Supplements: make sure you’re taking enough Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These will help with all 3 (hormones, immune and nervous) And make sure they’re high quality supplements. Listen in on the podcast to get her tips on how to tell the good ones from the bad ones. Hint: if you’re buying at a big warehouse store, they’re most likely full of additives.
  • Eat enough good fats: walnuts, avocado, olive oil, safflower oil, avocado oil, coconut oil)
  • Stay away from sugar and starchy carbohydrates. As we get older, we have lower tolerance for these.
  • Get a decent amount of exercise.
  • Never skip breakfast. Doing so lowers our cortisol levels, which affects sleep, stress, anxiety, our waistlines and plays a big role in menopause. Have breakfast within an hour of waking up. Make it high in protein and no carbs for breakfast. You will set your day up for success.
  • Coffee?? If you wake up anxious, not hungry, hyper or have no appetite…don’t have it! If you’re going to enjoy a cup of joe, do it after you have breakfast.


Digestion: Suggestions to Have a Healthy Gut

  • What you eat. Don’t eat crap! Toast = sugar; Cereal = sugar.
  • How you eat. Be mindful. Take your time. Enjoy your food. Chew your food well.
  • What you cook your food in. If you use Teflon or aluminum pans, you’re poisoning yourself and your brain. Cast iron pans are also a culprit for storing old fats and bacteria in the pores. It will affect your digestion.


Dr. Sokitch’s 3 Habits to Ensure Her Health Journey:

  1. Meditate daily
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Some kind of physical activity

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Dr. Shiroko Sokitch Bio:

Shiroko Sokitch, MD is a doctor who cares about you! Her mission is to help you heal and regain the health and vitality you deserve when no one else has found the answers. She does this by using a unique blend of Chinese and Western medicine to help you learn to listen to your body, and find out what works for you.  Trained in general surgery, and working as an Emergency room Doctor for 10 years while attending acupuncture school, gave Dr. Shiroko a broad range of medical experience. In addition to practicing integrative medicine for 23 years, she hosted a public access TV show, Perspectives on Healing, for two years, has had a Sonoma County news column for 15 years, and is writing her second book-7 Keys to Accelerated Healing – which will be out in the next year. The owner of Heart to Heart Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California, since 1993, Dr. Shiroko is an expert at using many modalities to bring your body to balance and wholeness. She specializes in: acupuncture, chronic illness, pain treatment, hormone balancing, bio-identical hormones, digestive problems, and brain chemistry balancing.

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