Getting Real about Eating Disorders, Unhealthy Fit and Endurance with Tawnee Prazak, #34

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Show Notes

In this week’s episode of Food, Sex & Life for the Modern Woman, Tawnee Prazak takes us through her journey of developing an eating disorder during her college years, and how she came out of that, recovering into what she has become now: a Holistic Endurance Coach. We go over the damages a woman’s body goes through when she’s an endurance athlete with the typical nutrition plan. She talks to us about getting real with the voices in our head and overcoming them, healing our bodies with functional medicine, what a healthy diet plan for women will look like to reach fat adaptation.

We’ve talked a lot about functional medicine on the podcast previously. To get more in depth on the subject check out this interview:  What the ‘Bleep’ is Functional Medicine with Dr. Cole.


Functional Medicine and Endurance Sports

Most of us are overtraining for what is healthy for us without the proper nutrition. It’s not just a matter of going out for a long run, and eating all our calories back with low quality foods.

“We need to fuel to train, not train to fuel”


This is Tawnee’s sweet spot. Working with clients to find out exactly where their bodies are at in terms of hormone health and gut health, and making the changes necessary to still participate in endurance sports in the best health. On the podcast, she goes over some of the tests that can be ordered online to get this process started. There is so much good information in this episode, you’ll want to listen in a few times.

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What is Fat Adaptation?

First and foremost, this is not for someone who has not found hormonal balance or hasn’t dealt with their autoimmune symptoms. This is for someone in optimal health.

In Tawnee’s words, this is the healthiest you can do for your body. It entails eating a lot of fat. And unfortunately, in the US we have been taught that fat is bad. There are evil fats out there, ie: donuts, twinkies, too much pizza, etc. And there are good fats, generally in the form of oils, ie: coconut oil.

Fat adaptation is when the body uses fat for energy, rather than carbs or sugars. But we have to drastically reduce our carbohydrate and sugar intake to train the body to burn our fat instead. The bodies preferred energy source are carbs and sugars because they’re more readily available as glucose, whereas fat has to be converted into glucose in order to be burned for energy. The beauty of increasing our healthy fat intake, is that it helps us break out of carb and sugar addiction.

It doesn’t mean you don’t eat carbs. It ‘s all about timing your macro nutrients and consuming quality carbs. Listen in to learn what Tawnee recommends for timing your carbs, fasted trainings, and differences between what works for men and what works best for women.


Tawnee’s 3 Habits to Ensure Her Health Journey:

  1. Infrared Sauna- very meditative
  2. Walking- her aha moment
  3. Interaction with water- It’s very therapeutic. Just float and feel it.
    • Cold thermogenesis has many benefits as well.

Not the first time we hear one of our guests rave about the benefits of plain ol’ walking. Check out The Four Pillars of Weight Loss- Part IV, Exercise with Jason Seib to learn more about how walking can be even more beneficial than any other exercise.


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Tawnee’s Bio:

Tawnee Prazak, MS, CSCS, of Laguna Beach, Calif., is a holistic endurance coach, multisport athlete and host/owner of the Endurance Planet podcast. She’s been involved in the endurance world for a decade, both as a competitive triathlete and also as one of today’s leading experts on endurance training, racing, nutrition, strength training and athlete wellness. Her own journey of recovering from being “fit but unhealthy” shaped her philosophy as a coach, and she now focuses on helping athletes optimize health and performance with cutting-edge and often “unconventional” techniques. She consults with athletes of all levels worldwide, and you can tune in to new podcasts on Endurance Planet twice a week. When not coaching or podcasting, Tawnee can be found running the trails, stand-up paddleboarding in the ocean, practicing yoga, swinging kettlebells, or in the kitchen creating the latest healthy meal. For more:, and on social media as @tawneeprazak.


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