Weightloss Begins With A Single Step- Elizabeth Benton’s Inspiring Story, Episode 024

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Show Notes

Elizabeth Benton of Primal Potential shares with us her inspiring story. She struggled with weight most of her life, having reached over 300 lbs. She became obsessed with dieting at a very young age and started her first diet at the age of 5. The more obsessed she became, the more she binged, snuck food, and was feeling depressed. So how did she overcome her obstacle? She started with a single step…and she shares that step with us in this episode.

She now has a very successful podcast teaching us to achieve healthy living through online training programs, support and healthy eating plans, helping people across the glove loose weight, burn belly fat and build self confidence.

The fundamental structure most of us follow is eat less, move more, restrict yourself, eat only foods that are fat loss friendly, deprive, deprive, deprive…restrict, restrict, restrict. Doing the same thing over and over again….the definition of insanity.

So she decided to be gentle with herself and focus on One Thing. This is Step 1. Doing everything now because we’ve got to get this weight off ASAP doesn’t work because we’re not forming habits. There is only so much willpower we have. Focusing on just “one thing”, will help us form a habit.

When do we take Step 2? When our body no longer responds to step 1 or when it becomes easy.


Elizabeth’s 3 Steps to Weightloss

Step 1- and the one she recommends to her clients was to start with a fat loss breakfast. By having a fat loss breakfast that does not include carbs (not even fruit!!!) you will see immediate results. For great breakfast ideas checkout Elizabeth’s podcast episode show notes for How to Make Breakfast a Fat Loss Meal- Healthy Breakfast Recipes (she gives great “make ahead, grab and go” and “oh crap I ran out of premade stuff” options, as well as delicious weekend recipes and eating out tips).

Step 2- was to buy a treadmill, for very slow walking.

Step 3- was to step away from all processed foods.


How You Can Take Small Steps to Making Better Choices

Elizabeth helps her clients understand the importance of the steps she asks them to take and look for ways to make it work for them. You have to believe in yourself and is a huge proponent of affirmations. Affirmations create a mind set. What you tell yourself becomes your truth.


How Using Affirmations Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals…Including Losing Weight

  1. Create a couple of affirmations you can get behind. For example: “I am in control of all my choices” and “Everyday I’m making progress”.
  2. Write them on index cards.
  3. Keep index cards in  your purse, in your desk, in your car, in your gym bag, on your treadmill, etc.
  4. When negativity pops up, pull out your index cards and read or say your affirmations.
  5. Over time, those affirmations become your thought process.


“We Live In What We Believe To Be True”


How To Make Sure Your Body Is Burning Fat

One word…hormones. The one thing that really helps your body set you up for hormonal balance and fat loss is a fat loss breakfast. Because when you manage cortisol and insulin, that has a ripple effect into estrogen, hormone health and adrenals.

The other thing that feeds into our hormonal monthly cycles is feeding into our cravings. It’s like giving in to a child having a temper tantrum, and giving him the very thing he’s throwing a tantrum for. He will do it again because we have taught him that he can get it. It’s the same with our cravings.

Elizabeth Benton, Primal Potential

Elizabeth’s Bio:

Elizabeth Benton was overweight and a yo-yo dieter for over 25 years. With many successful achievements under her belt, career-wise and financially, she finally decided to tackle her weight. She started by walking a ton and eating clean proteins. Elizabeth started the Primal Potential: Mastering Fat Loss Naturally podcast in January 2014 and has a 100 Fat Loss Meal Ideas e-book on her website. Click here to learn more about Elizabeth’s story.


The 3 Habits Elizabeth Learned During Her Health Journey:

  1. Sleep- makes fat loss easier.
  2. Have carbs at night. Learn more at Why Carbs at Night for Weight Loss.
  3. Not being afraid to lift heavy weights.


Elizabeth’s Favorite Music For:

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