What to Do if Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Fitness Goal with Coach Tom Hughes, Episode 022

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Show Notes


Starting a new health, fitness or nutrition journey can be challenging in and of itself. However, it is fairly common to experience some pushback from friends and family. The most common detractors of our goals are those closest to us…usually a spouse or partner, because it brings out the self consciousness in them. So how do we overcome this obstacle? Tom Hughes provides tips to succeed despite these obstacles, and provides a step-by-step guide to gain their understanding and support.

Tom encourages  his clients to assess their support system. Many times people have a larger support system than they’re aware of. Common groups that are often overlooked:

  • Staff members if you have a gym membership.
  • In your circle of friends, there are usually 1-2 people that exercise with regularity and you can turn to for support and advice.
  • Online resources like Facebook Groups. Many gyms, fitness programs and coaches now have FB groups you can become a part of for being their member/client, and here you will find other people with your same interests and goals to turn to for support and advice.


When you don’t have your partner or spouse’s support at home

  • Explain to them your health goals and reasons behind it and what it will take for you to get there. This is your health not theirs.
  • Hear them out. Have an open mind and let them explain their concerns over your journey, but don’t allow them to deter you from your goals.


Push back from family is very common initially, specially when it comes to food choices at home.

It’s going to take a lot of will power and discipline to eat your healthy meal vs. your family’s pizza.


Tips to stay on track with your meals:

  • Keep it basic. Pick healthy and nutritious foods.
  • Don’t complicate it by varying your routine daily.
  • Meal prep the night before. Get everything ready.
  • Take your meals with you, specially if you have a small lunch time available to you.
  • Make enough food for a few days, so you don’t have to prep every night.


How to handle social situations without a support system:

  • Prepare yourself mentally.
  • You have to train yourself to just say no. People will give you a hard time, specially regarding alcoholic drinks if that’s a way you usually socialize with them.
  • If they persist, express to them your goals and that their actions are not helping you.

What to do when you go home to visit MOM?

  • Understand their perspective. Mom always wants to take care of us by providing our favorite comfort meals. They mean well.
  • Communicate ahead of time. Share your goals and how they will affect the usual foods you share when you visit.
  • Mom always wants us to succeed…she will understand.



Tom’s Bio:

Tom Hughes is a personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, helping thousands of people to lead a healthier lifestyle. He developed his passion for fitness at an early age, when the school football coach told him he was too small to make the team. That rejection turned out to be a blessing in disguise by leading him to the sport of competitive bodybuilding and the belief that he could help others to achieve their fitness goals.
After spending 4 years in the Marine Corps, Tom decided to make fitness a full-time career. He began as a personal trainer at Gold’s gym in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has since held many different positions within the fitness industry, but his passion has always been coaching others in the area of fitness and nutrition.
One of the most important life lessons Tom has learned, which he impresses upon anyone trying to improve their health and wellness, is that you can only control two things in life: attitude and effort. If you have a positive attitude and bring your best effort every single day, you will inevitably be successful.

Tom’s 3 Habits for a Healthier Life:

  1. Practice consistency and remove the word “optional” from your vocabulary.
  2. Living a balanced lifestyle with fitness and nutrition. Allow yourself a cheat meal and a night out with the girls.
  3. Fall in love with the process not just the end result. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.


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