Thinking Yourself Thin – Fact or Fiction with Jason Seib, Episode 015

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Show Notes


In this episode, Jason Seib talks to us about our perspective of ourselves…particularly women. Women suffer from a need for social acceptance…we care a lot about what we do and say in order to be accepted. He discusses the damaging perspectives we as women adopt about ourselves and our self image at a very young age, and we carry that throughout the rest of our lives. We adopt negative messages from watching our mothers, and listen to the messages the media is sending us about food and calories being bad, diets enter the picture, we tinker with vegetarianism, starve ourselves, pills, cardio, burning calories, and we become yo-yo dieters. The message our body reads is that life on earth sucks. The body thinks there’s not enough food to go around and there’s something constantly chasing us, so we should absolutely hold mid-section fat. And when we lose will power and the calories are consumed, those calories are stored because there’s no telling where our next meal will come from.

“Yo-yo dieters and people with body image issues say things to themselves that they don’t have the guts to say to people they hate.”

These are women that say ugly things to themselves on a daily basis.

So how do we fix our perspective?? Jason has an answer and knows most people will blow it off immediately. It’s scientifically proven…meditation.  We have the ability to stop the negative talk. Catch ourselves in those moments. It’s called mindfulness. It allows us to pull ourselves back to “this” moment of negative talk and analyze what is going on in our mind, and do something different. It is difficult.

How do we get more mindfulness?? We meditate. Jason recommends starting with 2-3 minutes daily and working ourselves up to no more than 10 minutes. Ideally 5 minutes daily.  It’s exercise for the brain. For a few weeks it feels like non-sense. But 2 to 3 weeks into it, you will start to see the benefits. Meditation is not about not thinking about anything. It’s about catching your thoughts.

“Meditation; you will find it to be an unbelievable GAME CHANGER”.


Jason challenges us to commit to 30 days of meditation, 5 minutes a day, by reading a quick chapter of 8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life daily and then sitting with our thoughts.

Then the conversation turns to fat loss and sustainable results with Jason’s book AltShift: Lasting Fat Loss At Last. AltShift works by not only asking what we should eat to be healthy and lean, but also when we should eat those foods (over days, not hours) to make the most of their macronutrient content and to keep our bodies from adapting and halting fat loss. If you are at a point where you find the guidelines of your fat loss diet are too strict, have lost motivation or hit a plateau, this is a protocol many people like you have adopted and reached sustainable results.


Jason’s Bio:

Jason Seib is the creator of the popular AltShift Diet, the author of The Paleo Coach, co-host of the popular JASSA Podcast and AltShift Podcast, founder and co-owner of AltShift Fitness and Fat Loss, a successful small gym in the Portland, Oregon area, as well as founder and co-owner of, an on-line training site and community. He speaks on the subject of fat loss regularly, delivering his Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar around the US. Jason’s passion is guiding normal people to extraordinary levels of health and fitness and he has built his career by helping thousands of people to change their perspective and find a healthy, sustainable path to their goals.


Jason’s 3 Habits to Ensure his Health Journey:

  1. Walk everyday as often as he can, as much as possible.
  2. Do not eat grain or sugar.
  3. Lift weights with intensity 3 times per week with immaculate form.


Jason’s Favorite Music For:

  • Pushing through:
  • To feel happy when he’s blue: rather than music, he thinks about his daughters and wife and questions ‘what is going to matter on his deathbed?’ …his wife and daughters.
  • To soothe….he meditates an extra 5-10 minutes.

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