What If There Was A Cure For Alzheimer’s With Dr. Mary Newport, Episode 013

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Show Notes


Dr. Mary Newport takes us through the journey of her late husband, Steve Newport. She talks to us about the early onset of Dementia, through his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and how her research to help him, lead her to the astounding benefits MCT oil and coconut oil on the brain. You’ll want to listen in to learn the impact the consumption of coconut oil had on Steve’s disease overnight and within a 2 month span, prolonging his life by several years. The Alzheimer’s Association states that Alzheimer’s is the only cause of death in the US in the top 10 that cannot be prevented, cured or slow downed. But can coconut oil defy that notion? Listen in and tell us what you think.

Dr. Newport goes into detail explaining  that MCT oil is extracted usually from coconut oil and when consumed is converted into ketones, providing alternate fuel to the brain. Alzheimer’s disease is diabetes of the brain, meaning that there is decreased glucose uptake to the brain. This is where ketones play a big role in preventing and reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s, now being called Type 3 Diabetes and diabetes of the brain.

To see Steve’s Clock Test referred to in the podcast episode go to www.coconutketones.com. It’s right on the home page. You’ll see the clock Steve drew on day 1 before coconut oil, the clock he drew after 14 days of starting on coconut oil and after 2 months…the results are truly amazing!

“Studies show that type 2 diabetics can go into remission and get off their diabetes meds by reducing carb intake. Since Alzheimer’s is a type of diabetes of the brain, reducing carbs could help this as well.”

Dr. Newport’s recommendation for taking coconut oil:

Download Dr. Newport’s Coconut Oil: Dietary Guidelines & Suggestions

“The best approach for Alzheimer’s is a nutrition approach”.


Dr. Mary Newport’s Bio:

Mary T. Newport, M.D. grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She practiced neonatology in Florida and served as founding medical director for two newborn intensive care units. After taking some time off to care for her husband Steve, she resumed medical practice at the opposite end of the spectrum and is now making home visits to patients who are in end-of-life hospice care. Dr. Newport was married to Steve Newport and they have two daughters and a grandson.

She has written an article, “What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and No One Knew?” relaying her family’s experience with this disease and her research into a dietary intervention that may benefit persons with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases; and two books: “Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was A Cure? The Story of Ketone” and “The Coconut Oil and Low Carbohydrate Solution for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Other Diseases.”


Dr. Newport’s 3 Habits Developed to Prevent and Slow Down Alzheimer’s:

  1. Greatly reduce carb intake.
  2. Eat much more vegetables, add colored ones as well.
  3. Very little fruits.
  4. Consume coconut oil.


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