Getting Real with Fitness Magazine Cover Model and International Figure Champion Nicole Wilkins , Episode 012

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Show Notes

Want tips from a Fitness Magazine Cover Model and International Figure Champion on how to sculpt your derriere and legs?? We thought so!! Our amazing guest, Nicole Wilkins, gives us great insight into what it takes to shave your body, build muscle and definition. From nutrition, specific exercises, advice on hiring a fitness trainer to her preferred digital resources and general advice on life and achieving goals.

“To shave your body and build muscle (glutes and legs) you have to challenge yourself with weights.”


Women are concerned about building muscle and getting bulky like a man and this concept is a MYTH! Women don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle like a man.

Diet is the most crucial part. If you’re working out in the gym and weight training, and you’re not following a sound diet (nutrition plan), you’re not going to see the definition underneath the body fat.

“Diet is about 70% – 80% of your results”.


Download the episode to listen to what she has to say about:

  • what the best exercises for legs and glutes are
  • tips for women who have neglected themselves to raise families or focus on careers, to help them refocus and starting shaping their bodies
  • what to do if it’s your first time going to a gym
  • tips for hiring a fitness trainer
  • how to challenge yourself to continue seeing results
  • effects of eating “too much” healthy food


Nicole’s Tips to get started on shaping your derriere and back of legs- go down to basics:

  1. Understand what a fat is, what a carb is and what a protein is.
  2. Download MyFitnessPal app- track everything you are eating. Don’t guestimate. It will give you a daily breakdown of your carbs, proteins and fats.
  3. Take the time to measure out your food. Learn what is a serving size and how many calories are in that portion size. Then you can adjust your intake for the next day.


“Failures teach you to do better the next time. If it scares you, you should do it. If you do well, then you win. If you don’t do well, you still win because you learn from the process.”

Nicole’s Bio:

Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, Professional Figure Competitor, Owner of NW Fitness Group, Inc,  online personal training at, and Phat Camp fitness weekends.

4x IFBB Figure Olympia Champion
3x IFBB Figure International Champion
6 Pack Fitness Athlete
FitnessRx for Women


Nicole’s 3 Habits to Help Ensure Health:

  1. Start everyday with some type of physical activity.
  2. Making mindful (healthy) decisions 90% of the day.
  3. Being consistent.


Nicole’s Music For:

  • Pushing harder at the gym:  Justin Bieber and Spotify dance pop and today’s pop hits.
  • Pump you up: dance pop music
  • To sooth and relax: Nicole prefers to run errands, take time to herself…do her “Nicole” thing.

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