Eating Cheesecake and Losing Weight. Really? With Alex Navarro, Episode 010

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Show Notes


Alex Navarro of Fit Living Foodies and BodyIO talks through the Carb Nite and Carb Backloading protocols. Both are cyclical ketogenic diets that allow much more flexibility, and results, than typical diets. They consist of fat/protein ratios and low carb meals for most days, and carbs on certain evenings or days. It’s more manageable for most of us.

The goal is to keep the metabolism up by eating high-GI carbs once a week in the evenings creates that perfect insulin spike needed to extend our bodies ability to burn fat. It’s just an added bonus that most high-GI foods are generally the sweet treats and “naughty” carbs that we were previously told to never have!
With this protocol, people are able to create a fitness regime that still activates the muscles without overtaxing the nervous system, and still achieve fat burning results!

“Take time to rest your body. Rejuvenate”.


Carb Nite / Carb Backloading or ketogenic diet tips for socializing:

  • Peak at the menu ahead of time to see what your options are.
  • If nothing on the menu seems realistic, have a snack before. Then go with your friends and don’t eat anything.
  • Most places have something that fits within the protocol:
    • If you’re eating carbs:
      • Small sliders
      • Small serving of fries
    • If it’s not a Carb Nite:
      • have the slider, but eat the meat only.
      • hot wings are a great go-to…with ranch dressing on the side.
      • protein options are pretty easy to come by.
  • Alcohol- let’s face it. We all need a little help to take the edge off after a long week. Alex’s tips:
    • Hard alcohol: the clearer the better. Have it with soda water and lime. Won’t be detrimental to progress. Alex’s go to is a tequila with lime…she can sip on it for a while.
    • Sugar drinks tend to go down faster and you want another one.
    • Fake drinking: Ask the bartender to be your ally ahead of time. Tell him that every time you ask him for water, make it look like a cocktail, in a glass, add club soda with lime and a straw. You have the benefit of having something in your hand and not having to deal with pressure from your friends.

She talks about spot reduction and cellulite and offers tips on how to encourage our body to take fat from certain spots.

“Honor yourself. No one else will do it for you.”


Alex’s Bio:

Co-founder of Fit Living Foodies dot com, co-creator of the Transforming Recipes cookbook series, Body IO Coach, Physique Competition Prep coach, former Ms. Fitness Olympia and WBFF Bikini Pro, gymnastic, lifter of heavy things, foodie and lover of bacon and being of service.


Alex’s 3 Habits for a Healthier Life:

  1. SLEEP!
  2. Alone time- whether it’s at the gym, a walk, being with herself and checking in with self everyday.
  3. Pay attention to herself and her body. Doing #2 helps.

Alex’s Favorite Music For:

  • Pushing through: Push It by Salt-N-Peppa
  • Lift you when feeling blue: Shut It Down by Pitbull
  • To sooth and relax: Solo Piano station on Pandora.
  • When things are tough: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

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