A Cure for Alzheimer's?? Max Lugavere Shares Cutting Edge Research From Around The World

by Jennifer Knecht | FSL Modern

A Cure for Alzheimer’s?? Max Lugavere Shares Cutting Edge Research From Around The World, Episode 005

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Show Notes

What an exciting show we had with Max Lugavere!! We can go on forever chatting with him. Did you know…1 in 3 cases of Alzheimer’s are based on modifiable risk behaviors? That means that this disease is potentially preventable in 1 of 3 cases!! Max discusses the interaction between gut health and brain health, what you can do to heal your gut and tips for Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

He highly encourages us to perform research on our own health, cutting through the media clutter and getting the real scientific data. But how do you get the real information? Glad you asked!

Max’s Tip for doing health or medical related research:

Google your research topic and always add site:nih.gov. This allows you to filter search results found on NIH (National Institutes of Health) website, one of the world’s foremost medical research centers. Sometimes you get the full article, sometimes just an abstract. It can get complicated, but Google everything. Print out the studies and don’t be afraid to take them to your doctor.

“Physical exercise is medicine for the brain”

Max is currently directing Bread Head. BREAD HEAD is a new documentary that explores the impact of our diets and lifestyles on brain health. Because changes in the brain begin decades before symptoms, the absolute best way we can move the needle on neurodegenerative disease is through minimizing risk when it matters most.

A first-of-its-kind film about taking back the fate of our defining characteristic.

Max Lugavere’s Bio:

Max Lugavere is the director of an upcoming documentary titled BREAD HEAD, which explores the impact of diet and lifestyle on brain health. He’s become a leading voice in health after just a short time since launching his Kickstarter for the film which drew support from thousands of people around the globe. His vlogs have garnered hundreds of thousands of views where he delivers bite-sized blasts of easily digestible information on health science topics ranging from intermittent fasting to the microbiome. He has spoken at both the NY Academy of Sciences and the United Nations, has appeared on multiple top health podcasts and TV shows including NBC Nightly News, is a Yahoo Health contributor and regular guest expert on The Dr. Oz Show.

Max’s 3 Habits to Ensure Brain Health:

  1. Drink kombucha. To feed bacteria. Has a source of soluble prebiotic fiber at every meal.
  2. Night glasses- blue light blocking sunglasses. Puts them on about 1 ½ hours before bed.
  3. Intermittent fasting. Going hungry occasionally is beneficial. (Check with your doctor before trying this.)

A Day in the Life of Max:

During the day:

  • Start the day with intermittent fasting- going hungry. A little fasting provides physiological stressors that lead to some real positive outcomes. Doing that occasionally is smart. (Check with your doctor if you’re going to do this.)
  • Eat a low carb diet high in fiber and healthy fats.
  • Exercise as much as possible. Don’t like cardio, but need it, so he does the elliptical machine.
  • Plays musical instruments. He’s a musician. Learning to play an instrument is very good for the brain. There is not part of the brain that is not engaged when playing a musical instrument.
  • Read a lot, especially novelty. Novelty is good for the brain.

At night:

  • Limit smart phone use. Screen put blue light in our faces, tricking our brain into thinking it’s daytime.

Favorite Music:

  • Max’s own most popular song: Weather Advisory 


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