Real Nutrition with Certified Nutritionists Katie and Megan

by Jennifer Knecht | FSL Modern

Real Nutrition with Certified Nutritionists Katie and Megan, Episode 004

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Show Notes


Katie and Megan walk us through the health journey that lead them to where they’re at, sharing Prescribe Nutrition with others. They get into the foods that create low grade inflammation, found as a contributor to many ailments later in life, and how to focus on nutrition with today’s busy lifestyles.

Top contributors to inflammation:

  • sugar
  • processed foods- heavily refined flours
  • oil- omega 6 fatty acids

“Power House” of anti-inflammatory foods:

  • cold water fish (ie: wild caught salmon), or
  • cod liver oil (to supplement cold water fish)
  • 2 tbsp. of flaxseed or chia seeds everyday- contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as fiber that flushes out toxins and old hormones.
  • dark leafy greens


They give us some very helpful tips on how to incorporate good nutrition and health talk into our family’s and children’s lives, tips on simplifying the process of switching to a healthy-journey, recipe tips to get us through our busy lifestyles, go-to snacks…need we say more? ?

Prescribe Nutrition‘s fundamental program, Prescribe 20, is a 20-day program to get us started on cleaning up our diets, learning better tips, tricks and practices to lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s a platform equivalent to a consultation with private access to new materials released daily via videos and e-packets AND access to ask Katie and Megan anything related to nutrition and wellness!! The next Prescribe 20 program begins April 3rd and our FSL listeners have been given an exclusive discount of 25% OFF using discount code FSL at checkout.”

“The more alive your foods are, the more alive you’ll feel.”

Prescribe Nutrition Bio:

Prescribe Nutrition is an online, interactive nutrition and wellness company lead by a brilliant team of nutritionists & dietitians. Prescribe Nutrition guides their members through daily modules featuring curated recipes & meal plans, videos, and live discussion boards to support participants on their journey to feeling fantastic again. To learn more about Prescribe Nutrition, check out their rave reviews and FAQ!

Megan’s 2 Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle:

  1. Drink 1 large glass of warm water with lemon upon waking every morning, before coffee. Great for detoxification, energy level, skin, etc.
  2. Incorporate generous serving of dark leafy greens, whether it’s a green smoothie or kale salad. Makes her feel good.


Katie’s 2 Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle:

  1. Lemon water. Always has a water bottle with a straw, as she tends to drink more out of a straw.
  2. Carve out time to get away from everything: texts, emails, etc. Do something else instead: go for a walk, watch a show or read a book.

Morning Routine:

  • Megan- Calm time to just sit and do nothing, maybe just read email.
  • Katie- Hope to do more of…move and workout in the morning vs. later in the day

Favorite Music:

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