Transformation of any kind beings in the heart and resonates through the mind and into the world. We see experts in a variety of fields (religion, self-help and psychology to name a few) who have created hundreds of programs and processes and guided people for thousands of years on how to become better human beings, achieve more and ultimately find happiness.At the core of all of these teachings we find the exercise of introspection with guidance to pray or meditate, clearing the clutter of the day’s events and letting space, gratitude and love wash over us.

This practice of mindfulness is the first step in any successful program and the practice that should be done consistently, daily, even if for only five minutes. One must take the initial time to still the mind and become very clear on what it is they are seeking as they adopt a new lifestyle program. Force yourself to dig under the initial “drop 20 pounds” or “fit into my jeans” and into the deeply rooted personal truth you are searching for – LOVE and the feeling of love which comes from within.

Step one in transforming your health and setting yourself on a path of proactive aging, youthful weight and abundant happiness is mindfulness and acceptance that the reason you are seeking health is to fulfill life’s burning search for love in this big beautiful world. I couldn’t have said it better than Dr. Alex Loyd who describes living the greatest principle of life as “living in love in the present moment, focused on our internal state rather than external circumstances.”

Practice mindfulness of love for yourself and those around you – praying or meditating daily.