Food, Sex & Life for the Modern Woman…The FSL Manifesto with Jennifer Knecht, Episode 001

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Your FSL Modern podcast host, Jennifer Knecht, welcomes you to Food, Sex and Life for the Modern Woman.

Hello! I’m Jennifer Knecht, a healthcare executive who’s deeply passionate about health and well-being. I’ve spent years seeing what happens to people later in life when we take our health for granted… And that’s where FSL Modern was born- as a vehicle to share cutting-edge health, fitness, nutrition and well-being information to enable you and me to make modifications today, helping to preserve our health in the future.

Join me every week as we explore with national and international experts who are deeply passionate about the worlds of food, sex, nutrition, health and well-being.

Ladies, together we will explore nutrition, health and well-being to cut through the confusion and sometimes negative self-talk created by contradicting media messages. Join with me arm in arm each week as we commit to lifestyle modification to positively transform ourselves, our friends & families, our communities…and ultimately our  world!!

Join me in creating a fantastic life!!

Are you ready to burn fat, ignite your health and gain sisters in joy?

Listen in weekly and join the private, FSL Modern Community, a sisterhood of support. Membership is completely FREE.

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