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  • Do you fight work fires all day, push through staffing issues or negotiate deals at all hours of the week only to come home to an unhappy partner and ongoing disagreements you cannot seem to fix?
  • Are you spending nights laying awake and staring at the ceiling, physically next to the person you once loved, but feeling like you are only cold roommates?
  • Does it seem like what were once pesky pebbles (inconsequential annoyances) have turned into boulders (insurmountable- ongoing fights) rubbing your feelings and relationship raw?
  • In the heat of a disagreement have you or your partner shouted the word divorce?
  • Or, perhaps it’s broken trust…there’s infidelity or money issues or another looming situation that’s shattered your trust with your your partner and left you feeling wounded and alone.

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We help business owners and executives reignite or save their relationships and unlock with their partner the unbreakable bond of unconditional love and passionate connection so that together they discover the secret of their limitless potential, soar above challenges and find epic happiness.



A couple of things to keep in mind.

1) These are all real clients. We hide their names to protect their privacy. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they share.

2) These are all extraordinary couples with tremendous work ethic and are amazing in their own right. They each accepted responsibility, recommitted to one another, worked their butts off and pushed through challenges to succeed.

3) We take their word for the results they’ve shared – believing that happiness is different for everyone. Take it all with a grain of salt, if you like. Enjoy!


Beth (and her husband Tony)

“I know now he loves me as much as I love him.”

Couple facing each other

Just weeks  into the program, Beth and Tony found a safe place to share vulnerability with one another and broke through a major wall in their relationship that innocently started before they married. Before joining the Reignite Epic workshop, Beth and Tony shouted divorce whenever disagreements escalated to fights- chalking up the frequency of their fights to growing apart in their marriage. Beth thought 27 years into their marriage they were different people, not sure they’d ever feel in love again with little reason to try now that their children were away at college. She didn’t recognize how the jesting comment “You love me more than I could ever love you,” Tony had made before they married haunted her and had built into a looming wall that seemed to strengthen daily. Beth and Tony shattered this wall with their coach during a RE- Lifeline(TM) session as the couple discovered the pebble-to-boulder effect Tony’s joking comment had on Beth and she found the courage to transparently share how deeply it had struck her. Together, she and Tony have shattered through the wall that began as a pebble more than 30 years earlier and now has the tools to rid themselves of another pebble turning into a wall of boulders.

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Frank (and his wife Tessa)

“I don’t have to walk on eggshells around her anymore and look forward to going home at night. We’re not even fighting about where I put my shoes.”

Three weeks into joining our Reignite Epic workshop the Frank and Tessa’s self-proclaimed, roommate-feeling relationship blossomed back into a loving, romantic relationship. Frank started to look forward to going home at night again and Tessa began to greet him with a warm embrace nightly. Today he and Tessa easily discuss sensitive topics without any shouting or fighting; have taken down the pillow-wall, falling asleep in each other’s arms; and the couple even enjoys mid-week nights of passion. Armed with Reignite Epic tools, Frank and Tessa share they feel more intimately connected than at the start of their relationship.

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Sarah (and her partner Devon)

“Thank you – Inside of six-weeks we found our love again! We’re more connected today, than we were after more than a year of marriage counseling.”

Sarah and Devon joined Reignite Epic in a final effort to save their relationship. The couple had spent the last 18 months in frustrating  marriage counseling that only seemed to make each resent the other more. Sarah knew she loved Devon, but was tired of being blamed for everything wrong in their relationship. Devon loved Sarah, but wasn’t sure he could or wanted to continue to endure the weekly session of marriage counseling, the seemingly incessant nagging, the bickering over kid issues and was starting to think maybe a one-night fling on one of his business trips might be the answer to enduring all the pressure at home. Two weeks into Reignite Epic the couple started to change the finger pointing and began to rebuild their like and love collaboratively. Together they’ve rebuilt their love and have replaced their weekly counseling sessions with date nights that often crescendo into toe-curling passion.

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