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PAUSE…and Reconnect!

Wherever this finds you I pray that you, your family and your friends are well and safe! I’m sitting in my chair in our living room with our puppy Chirpa happily chewing on her stick. It’s a peanut butter flavored stick and she loves them. It’s my favorite time of the day – early, early morning before the birds wake up and all I can hear is the gentle hum of warm air as it’s pushed out of the heat register and the gnawing and smacking of Chripa and her stick.  PAUSE… …Okay I’m back after Chripa abruptly dropped her stick and turned her attention to my hands to replace the stick. We had a seven minute or so battle with her thinking my fingers were much more enticing – even the plush, long-necked yellow chicken toy I tried to distract her with didn’t work in this tussle. The attention of a puppy is fleeting. Back to what I was sharing. It’s funny the moments in life that make you pause. We wake up one morning and by the time our heads hit the pillow life or some element of life has abruptly changed. It’s in these moments of forced pause that change either moves us forward or carries us backward like a rushing river’s momentum carrying a leaf away from the tree from which it fell. The beauty...

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Are Superpowers REAL??

The light afternoon breeze rolled off an amazingly blue turquoise ocean and I looked up from the notes I was taking in my notebook, the pages curling up from the humid ocean air. Sitting with five other yoga students we were learning about how to identify muscle, ligament and tendon related injuries by watching the motion of people’s bodies in a yoga class. Learning to identify what modifications to share when a student’s anatomy told the story of some long ago or recent hurt.   The beauty of yoga is that it’s not just the physical aspect of the...

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Launch – is it time?

Is it time for you to launch, the jump into your dream, to finally live a life of happiness? How many of us, most definitely me, have watched the television shows, read about and maybe even talked to someone who has total freedom of place and time when they work? If you’re like the thousands of women I’ve worked with, coached and who’ve used the UnLOCK You system, sharing your heart’s purpose with the world is not enough- the freedom of time and place is just as important…yet the fear of insecurity and the weight of self imposed responsibilities...

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